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EMDR Training and Research

The EMDR International Association (EMDRIA): Information about training standards and research.

The EMDR Institute: Information about training, research. Provides EMDR training for licensed psychotherapists. Find a trained EMDR Therapist in your city.

EMDR Web Journals

The Electronic Journal of the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Association of Europe.

Selected Articles on the World Wide Web about EMDR:

EMDR and Life After the Blast- This article describes how EMDR helped survivors of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Pros and Con -- EMDR Treatment for Children- These two articles
explore the implications of using the EMDR for post traumatic stress responses with children.

Therapists Eye New Treatment for Trauma- EMDR used in a car accident.

University of Dayton Professor is Pioneering New Research in Adult Literacy- an associate professor of counselor education at the University of Dayton, uses Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in hopes of improving the achievement of adult literacy students.

Pros and Con -- EMDR Treatment for Children- These two articles
explore the implications of using the EMDR for post traumatic stress responses with children.

EMDR: Unblocking the Mind's Natural Healing- Interview with Francine Shapiro describing some of the basics of EMDR.

EMDR: Rapid Treatment of Panic Disorder- Article gives as an example of EMDR as a treatment for Panic Disorder, details of a case which resulted in alleviation of panic attacks and a significant decrease in anticipatory anxiety within two sessions.

EMDR Give the Performance of Your Life- This article describes how EMDR can help with performance anxiety; athletic performance to stage fright.

E.M.D.R.- A new therapy to treat victims of trauma is causing quite a stir in the medical community. The procedure seems to be able to undo years of trauma in a few short sessions.

Speculations on how EMDR might work to alleviate pain.
A article of interest for therapists who treat chronic pain.

EMDR Information in German - Articles and general information in German

Reference Materials
EMDR Controlled Studies, Efficacy of EMDR, Bibliography:
Scientific studies- National Center for PTSD
EMDR Bibliography: 1989 through 1998

Selected Books: in Association with Amazon.com

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing: Basic Principles, Protocols, and Procedures. Francine Shapiro, (1995).(New York: Guilford).

Theoretical conceptualization of EMDR is outlined by Dr. Shapiro. Most of the information presented at the Level I and II EMDR trainings.

EMDR: The Breakthrough Therapy for Overcoming Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma. Francine Shapiro, & Margot Silk-Forrest (1996). (New York: Basic Books).
EMDR explained and includes many case histories. For the general public as well as professionals.

EMDR: Transforming Trauma. Laurel Parnell, (1996). (New York: W.W. Norton).
Basic EMDR information for the general public as well as professionals. Dr.Parnell writes from a transpersonal perspective about her experiences with EMDR .

Extending EMDR: A Casebook of Innovative Applications. Philip Mansfield (Editor)(1998).(New York: W.W. Norton).
This book is recommended for professionals only.

Small Wonders: Healing Childhood Trauma with EMDR. Joan Lovett, M.D. (1999) (The Free Press, Simon and Schuster Publishers).Collection of stories about children, adolescents and adults who have puzzling symtoms and anxiety. EMDR offers therapists who treat children and do inner child work, a indepth look the EMDR process. EMDR is explained in a easily understandable way for clients.

Transforming Trauma : Emdr : The Revolutionary New Therapy for Freeing the Mind, Clearing the Body, and Opening the Heart
Laurel Parnell, Ph.D.(1998).(New York:W.W.Norton).
Dr. Parnell takes the reader into her own experience as a EMDR therapist and her clients abuse histories sharing how tramatic events frozen in time are released by using EMDR method.

EMDR in the Treatment of Adults Abused as Children. Laurel Parnell, Ph.D.(1999). (New York: W.W. Norton).
Not available yet. But, it can still be ordered and will be shipped when released by the publisher.

Trauma and PTSD Sites:

David Baldwin's Trauma Pages A "must see" site provides information on a wide range of trauma-related topics.Designed for professionals and the general public.

National Center for PTSD: A wealth of information on traumatic stress. Includes PILOTS Database, a searchable database containing abstracts on lots of articles published on PTSD.

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies: Information on traumatic stress for professionals and the general public.

Post Traumatic Stress Resources Web Page:
This ResourcesWeb page was created and maintained by the PTSD Program of the Department of Psychiatry, Carl T.Hayden VAMC, Phoenix Arizona.

Sidran Foundation Education and research related to early recognition and treatment of trauma-related stress in children and adults suffering from trauma-generated disorders.

Traumatology: Electronic Journal includes articles on innovations in trauma treatment.

EMDR Level 2 Therapists On the Web:

Carol Anderson, MFCC,
EMDR Level 2,'9_

 Fresno, Ca

Carol Boulware, Ph.D.
EMDR Level 2, '94

Los Angeles, California

Carol Crow, LMHC,
EMDR Level 2, 9 7

 Tampa, Florida

Philip Dutton, Consultant Clinical Psychologist
EMDR Institute Facilitator - '98

 Central Scotland, UK

Adrienne Richman, M.A.,
EMDR Level 2, '97

 Demver, CO








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Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist- #MFCT11632
Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress
ABS Certified Sex Therapist
EMDR - Level 2 - 1994

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