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WILLIAMS, John. Born circa 1827 in Aberystwyth, Wales. John married Jane Thomas, 14 August 1846 at the Parish Church of Llanbadarnfawr, Cardiganshire, according to their marriage certificate John was of full age and Jane was under age, witnesses Hugh Nightingale and Thomas Jones. John's father was John Williams, a labourer of Aberythwyth and Jane's father was Edward Thomas, a mariner of Aberystwyth. Jane was born circa 1827 in Aberystwyth, Wales, and baptised 25 December 1827. Jane's mother was Jane Lewis, the daughter of John Lewis and Elizabeth Jones. John was shown as a cattle driver on the 1851 census and was living at 2 Formby Court, Liverpool. John died 14 March 1892, at the time of his death he was living at 58 Salisbury Street, Liverpool.

Children of John Williams and Jane Thomas:-

WILLIAMS, Mary. Born 14 September 1846 at Prospect Row, Aberystwyth.

WILLIAMS, James Hughes. Born circa 1850, Liverpool.

WILLIAMS, Ann. Born circa 1853, Liverpool.

WILLIAMS, David Powell. Born 19 October 1859, baptised 11 September 1860 at St. Peter's Church, Liverpool.

WILLIAMS, John. Born circa 1860, baptised 16 April 1861 at St. Peter's Church, Liverpool.

WILLIAMS, Jane. Born 11 December 1861, baptised 5 May 1862 at St. Peter's Church, Liverpool. Jane married John Wright on 22 February 1885 at the Wesleyan Chapel, West Derby, Liverpool, they had four children that we are aware of.

William Henry Williams William Henry Williams

WILLIAMS, William Henry. Born 17 May 1863 at 1 Court, Batchelor Street, Liverpool, batised 1 June 1863 at St. Peter's Church, Liverpool. Married Frances Jones, 27 March 1883 at St. Saviour's Parish Church, Oxton, Birkenhead. Married according to the rites and ceremonies of the established church after banns by W. Tattershall. Witnesses:- William Arthur Davies and Jane Williams. William Henry and Frances had eleven children. According to several family members William Henry was awarded a medal or a commendation of some description for entering a burning building to save a number of horses from being burnt to death in the stables of possibly Tate & Lyle Sugar Factory, Liverpool. It is believed he was also given a sum of money for this act, (by who we do not know) to replace his damaged clothing. It is possible he used this money to purchase a bible, which is still in the possession of the family. This incident possibly took place when William was courting his future wife Frances and may have been around 1882/3. The known addresses of the family were 1 Saxon Street, Birkenhead, - 53 Patten Street, Birkenhead, - Rose Cottage, Church Street, Roby-cum-Huyton, then in March 1901, 4 Liverpool Road, Roby-cum-Huyton. They moved to 36 Byrom Street, West Gorton, Manchester, prior to 1906, before 1915 they had moved to 1015 Tenth Street, Trafford Park, Manchester. William worked at Liverpool Warehousing Company Limited as a carter. We believe he later worked for Joseph Bamford of Praed Rd, which was taken over by Trafford Park Express Deliveries Ltd, and later still by the Downes family. William Henry died 6 February 1941 at 1015 Tenth Street, Trafford Park, Manchester, and was cremated at Southern Cemetery.

WILLIAMS, Baby Girl. Born 17 May 1863. It is believed that a William Henry had a twin sister who died at birth but we have no records of this.

WILLIAMS, Sarah Elizabeth. Born 4 March 1865, baptised 20 June 1865 at St. Peter's Church, Liverpool.

Children of William Henry Williams and Frances Jones:-

WILLIAMS, Arthur. Born 14 April 1884, baptised 29 June 1884 at the Parish Church of St. Saviour, Oxton, married to Kate (maiden name unknown). Arthur enlisted in the army prior to World War One and served in two regiments during the war, one being The Kings Liverpool Regiment, the other one was possibly The South Lancashire Regiment. Army number appears to have been 7676. Later Arthur became a refuse collector and lived near Ordsall Lane in Salford before moving to Crofts Bank Farm Cottage, Moss Lane, Davyhulme, Manchester. Opposite the Swinging Bridge public house at Dumplington Circle is where the entrance to the farm used to be. The dome of the Trafford Shopping Centre is standing at about the position of the old cottage. Arthur and Kate are believed to have had two children (twins) one died at birth or very young. Both Arthur and Kate are believed to have died in the mid 1950s.

WILLIAMS, Frances. Born 17 August 1885 and baptised 4 October 1885 at St. Anne's Church, Birkenhead. Address at birth given as 1 Saxon Street, Birkenhead. Frances is believed to have died as a child.

WILLIAMS, Alice. Born 27 December 1886 and baptised 6 February 1887 at St. Anne's Church, Birkenhead. Address at birth given as 53 Patten Street, Birkenhead. Married to Washington Hines, whom she met whilst in service in Longsight, Manchester, I believe she was living at 2 Sunny Bank Road. Washington's occupation on their marriage certificate is "Boatman". They were married at Chorlton Register Office, Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester on 27 May 1909, we believe they had thirteen children but we are only aware of the names of eight of these children. Alice died 24 July 1984 at Strines, Marple and is buried at All Saints Parish Churchyard, Marple, alongside her husband. Washington Hines was born circa 1878 in Hull, Yorkshire, he died 27 June 1951.

Alice Williams

WILLIAMS, Annie J. Born circa 1888 in Upton, Cheshire, Annie was married to a Tom Woolam and it is believed they had three children. We have no further information on Annie or her family.

John Williams, circa 1914

WILLIAMS, John. Born 7 December 1889 in Upton, Cheshire. John volunteered for the Territorial Army before the start of World War One and served in the Manchester Regiment, he was serving in India when war broke out was sent to France. It is believed that his regiment was amongst the first sent to France on the night war broke out. John was a keen sportsman and even after losing his eye, umpired cricket matches. He was an avid collector and had stamps, coins, cigarette cards and even the cards collected from tea packets. John married Lilly Hannah Ainsworth 30 July 1917 at Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Edge Lane, Stretford, Manchester. Minister Henry W Pring, witnesses were R Kelley and Ruth Williams. John and Lilly lived at 238 Second Street, Trafford Park before moving to number 233, they had four children. John had been a dock labourer at Salford Docks, a general carter at Thomas Maiden & Sons Ltd in Trafford Park. He then worked at Stretford Gas Works where around 1924 he lost his eye after getting metal in it. John eventually retired from Metropolitan Vickers on Westinghouse Road, Trafford Park. John died 24 December 1967 at 233 Second Street, Trafford Park. John and Lilly had four children.

John Williams

Joseph WilliamsWILLIAMS, Joseph. Born 24 October 1891 at 13 Shotwich Street, West Derby, Liverpool. Prior to WW1 (unsure of year) Joseph decided to leave England, he really wanted to go to Canada but the first cargo ship to leave England was headed for Sydney, Australia and as his brother Bill was already out there he decided to sign on for that voyage. Once the ship landed in Sydney Joseph jumped ship to start his new life. Joe was rejected by the Australian Army in WW1 as he had flat feet (fallen arches) and knocked knees. During WW1 Joe worked in a munitions factory, a protected industry, in Lithgow, NSW, possibly working as a fitter. Joseph married Lillian May Walker at St. Cuthbert's Church Of England at Naremburn, NSW on 8 December 1917. At the time of the marriage Joe was an engineer's fitter. Lillian was born 3 February 1896 in North Sydney. After WW1 Joe worked as an inspector in the NSW Public Works Department and supervised the construction of town water supplies. He lost the job when the government brought in the "Returned Servicemen Preferences Act" after the war. Joe and Lillian had four children, two of whom were:- Laurence George, born 1 March 1919, died 28 November 1919 and Joseph, stillborn around the summer of 1932. Joe's wife Lillian was a wonderful helpmate who travelled with him all over the state of NSW making homes out of rented temporary accommodation and tents out in the country areas. During these trips they took their son with them but left their daughter behind with her maternal grandmother Ellen Walker in North Sydney. When Joe left the NSW Public Works Department he went back to fitting and turning and apparently became one of the best pipe fitters in Sydney at the time. He was never out of work for long although he had a wonderlust, his wife Lillian was just the opposite. Just prior to WW2 Joe worked for the Shell Company, Country Branch Maintenance in the Southern Highlands of NSW, going home to his wife and children at the weekends in Tahmoor where they were then living. At the time Lillian was ill with tuberculosis and the family moved back to Sydney when war broke out. Once back in Sydney they lived at 52 Banks Street, North Sydney before moving to 70 Union Street, North Sydney. During WW2 Joe worked as a fitter and turner for Crown Crystal Glass then Austral Bronze, he also worked as an independant fitter and turner in Sydney until he retired. Lillian died aged 49 at 70 Union Street, North Sydney on 21 July 1945. Joseph actually did his trade as a cobbler in England but once in Australia told the trade union his "Fitter and Turner" papers had been burned in England, he was accepted and never left the trade. Joe could turn his hand to anything mechanical, strangely he was a terrible driver but never had a car accident, he played the mouth organ and had a good singing voice. Joseph died of stomach cancer in Edward Street, North Sydney on 11 December 1953. His daughter says "Pappy Joe was a good bloke and a nice one".

William Henry Williams, circa 1918

WILLIAMS, William Henry. Born 31 October 1894 in Roby-cum-Huyton, Liverpool. Baptised 16 December 1894 at St. Bartholomew's Church, Liverpool. Married to Minnie Edith Crawford, daughter of William Anderson Crawford, in 1919, they had three children, Kelvin Douglas, born circa 1919, Keith Neville, born 27 July 1923 and Ruth, born circa 1926, who married a Mr. Apps. William Henry emigrated to Australia 11 November 1914 and was later joined by his brother Joseph. Enlisted in the Australian Imperial Forces 9 February 1915 in Liverpool, NSW. He was a private in the 18th Battalion 5th Brigade. After being wounded in Gallipoli he was sent to Lewisham Military Hospital, England, he was later sent to Convalescent Hospital, Woodcote Park, Epsom, England. In April 1916 he joined B.E.F. and served in France until being wounded in August 1917, he was then sent to Dartford, England, before returning to Australia. William Henry spent thirty years of his life as an engine driver with NSW Railways, from where he retired around 1954. He was once the oldest registered active football referee the British Commonwealth, if not the world, there was a small article in an Australian newspaper about this. William Henry visited England in the late 1970s to see his remaining family. In August 1968 he was living at 29 Manning Avenue, Enfield, NSW. For November 1968 I have two forms he filled in with two different addresses, one is 25 Manning Avenue, Enfield, NSW and the second was 22 Manning Avenue, South Strathfield, Sydney, NSW.

To read the article on "Pop" Bill Williams, please follow this link:-

William Henry Williams, circa 1960's

William Henry Williams
William Henry
Circa 1918

Kelvin Douglas Williams
Kelvin Douglas (aged 18 months)
with his mother Minnie Edith Crawford

Kelvin Douglas Williams
Kelvin Douglas (aged 7)
Christmas 1927

Theresa Frances Williams, circa 1918

WILLIAMS, Theresa Frances. Born 2 February 1897 and baptised 16 May 1897 at St. Bartholomew's Church, Liverpool. Theresa Frances married George Fallows 4 February 1922 at the Wesleyan Church, City Road, Manchester, George was born circa 1898 in Weaste, Salford, they had one child, Francis. Theresa and George were only together a short time before separating, George died 16 January 1966 in Salford. Theresa and her son lived for a while at 33 Chadwick Street, Marple before returning to live in Fifth Street, Trafford Park, Manchester. She died 18 March 1982 in Stretford, Manchester, and is buried together with her son Francis at Stretford Cemetery.

WILLIAMS, Ruth. Born 26 November 1898 in Liverpool Road, Roby-cum-Huyton and baptised 19 February 1899 at St. Bartholomew's Church, Liverpool. Ruth joined the Women's Land Army in 1917, was sent to Wroot, Lincolnshire, to work on a farm there and lodged with a Mrs. McDonald of Woodside. Ruth met her future husband at the Wroot Fete on 21 August 1918. Ruth married William Henry Ramsey 26 November 1918 at St. Pancras Church, Wroot, they had three children. They lived back in Trafford Park, Manchester, from before 1941 until 1970. William Henry died 12 May 1961, Ruth died 26 May 1981, they are buried together at Stretford Cemetery.

Ruth Williams, circa 1918

WILLIAMS, George Herbert. Born February 1901 in Whiston, Lancashire, died April 1901 aged 2 months. George is buried at St. Bartholomew's Churchyard, Roby-cum-Huyton, 17 April 1901.

James Neville Williams when a young boy

WILLIAMS, James Neville. Born 6 March 1906 at 36 Byrom Street, West Gorton, Manchester. Possibly first started work with his father at Joe Bamfords in Trafford Park. He also worked for The Exors of George Weedon, Ellor Street, Salford, as a lorry driver and lastly at Trafford Park Cold Storage, Mosley Road, Trafford Park. He used to wear a waist belt that he had fixed lapel badges of different makes of trucks on. Married to Elsie Bull (born circa 1905) of Trafford Park, they had six children. Both James and Elsie died in Trafford Park, James 2 November 1962 and Elsie 31 January 1977 and are buried together at Stretford Cemetery. Elsie had a sister Nellie who was married to Robin W. Lane, they had three children.

James Neville Williams

Children of John Williams and Lilly Hannah Ainsworth:-

WILLIAMS, John William. Born at 238 Second Street, Trafford Park, Manchester in 1918. John served in the 3rd Battalion Coldstream Guards from 3 September 1936 until 1946, just after the end of the Second World War. John had been due to end his military service on 3 September 1939 but as war broke out that day it wasn't to be. John died 15 April 2007 in Stretford, Manchester. There is a memorial plaque for John in the Royal Military Chapel, Wellington Barracks, Birdcage Walk, London.

WILLIAMS, Eva. Born 19 February 1920 in Second Street, Trafford Park, died 9 December 1974. Eva was married to Harold Jolly, place and date of marriage not known, for a time they lived in Third Street, Trafford Park.

William (Billy) Williams, circa 1924

WILLIAMS, William. William (Billy) was born in 1921 in Second Street, Trafford Park and died 29 December 1924, he is buried at Stretford Cemetery.

We believe this photograph was taken sometime in 1924.

WILLIAMS, Ruby. Born 1923 in Second Street, Trafford Park, died 1957. Ruby married Arthur Harrison on 29 March 1941 at St. Cuthbert's Church, Third Avenue, Trafford Park.

Eva, Ruby & John Williams
Eva, Ruby & John
Circa 1925

Ruby, John & Eva Williams
Ruby, John & Eva
Circa 1939

Arthur Harrison and Ruby Williams wedding
Arthur Harrison & Ruby Williams
29 March 1941

Fred Edgerly, John Williams & Alan Johnson
John with friends
Fred Edgerly (left)
Alan Johnson (right)
Circa 1932

Child of George Fallows and Theresa Frances Williams:-

FALLOWS, Francis. Born circa 1924 he stayed a bachelor all his life. Francis served in the Manchester Regiment during World War Two and landed in France on D-Day 6 June 1944. After the war he worked for British Rail as a train driver (D.M.Us.) at Newton Heath Depot, Manchester. After leaving the railways he worked as a lorry driver. Francis died 15 January 1995 and is buried with his mother, Theresa Frances, at Stretford Cemetery.

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