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Photos - Page 4

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        M.Thompson with Barred Owl, Photo by D.Metzler 07-Feb-03.M.Thompson with Barred Owl, Photo by D.Metzler 07-Feb-03.


In these two pictures, Margaret Thompson, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in Harrison County, is giving an injured Barred Owl some physical therapy.  Photographed 07-Feb-03 by Dorothy Metzler.




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RuBlackbird2_11Jan03_BM.jpg (67750 bytes)


These Rusty Blackbirds and Wilson's Snipe (formerly known as Common Snipe) were photographed on our NETFO field trip to the Longview Wastewater Treatment Plant,
January 11, 2003.  Photo by Bob Metzler.




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Pileated Woodpecker, photo by Jack Jenkins, August 2002

Jack Jenkins snapped this picture in his west Longview yard on August 22, 2002.  He wrote, "I caught them dancing around this tree in my side yard for about 15 min.  I was about 20 feet away taking some digital pics and then went in and got the video camera.  They were more or less oblivious to my presence."


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DoveMourning17May02.jpg (28428 bytes)


Mourning Dove nestling photo by Bob Metzler 23-May-02        Mourning Dove nestlings photo by Bob Metzler 21-May-02


May 15, 2002, Bob and Dorothy Metzler discovered a Mourning Dove sitting on a nest in the top of their front porch light fixture.  The two nestlings were photographed in the nest on May 21 (above right), and on May 23 one of the nestlings ventured to the edge (above left).  They fledged early in the morning on May 24.  Photos by Bob Metzler.

Add.:  On May 25, 2002, an adult Mourning Dove was sitting on this nest again.  The Birder's Handbook says Mourning Dove is the "champion of multiple brooding among N.A. birds" with as many as six broods per season.

Add. 2:  On July 22, 2002, the doves' third brood fledged; and the adults apparently decided that was enough for this summer.


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Fern Lake photo by Carole Berry 23-Mar-02        Camp Fern photo by Carole Berry 23-Mar-02


Carole Berry snapped these photos during our field trip to Camp Fern on Fern Lake, March 23, 2002.


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Vermilion Flycatcher photo by Eddie Ray 20-Mar-02


Eddie Ray photographed this Vermilion Flycatcher on March 20, 2002, in his neighbor's pasture east of Longview.




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Short-eared Owls -- photo by Eddie Ray 15-Jan-02        S-e Owl Pellets SabineMining/PleasntHill area; photo E.G. Ray.


SabineMining/PleasntHill field trip; photo Eddie Ray 19Jan02


Eddie Ray took these three photos (above) at the Sabine Mining Co./Pleasant Hill Church area in Harrison County.  The upper left photo (taken January 15, 2002) shows a couple of Short-eared Owls at dusk.  The lower photo was taken during our January 19, 2002, field trip.  The group (including several folks from the Nacogdoches-area Pineywoods Audubon Society ) got to see Northern Harriers, Cooper's and Red-tailed Hawks, at least six Short-eared Owls, and the Say's Phoebe that's been there for two winters.  A Merlin also was spotted by some along the road that approached this location.

Regarding the upper right photo (taken on January 14), Eddie wrote, "I suspect this is the remains of two Short-eared Owl pellets.  Two observers saw an owl regurgitate a pellet while sitting in the top of a young pine.  Investigation of the area (near the road) revealed nothing on the ground.  Maybe the pellets caught on the pine needles and became un-compacted by the weather?  Note that the top of the tree appears to have been used frequently as a perch."


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