Caution Danger is a three piece band out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our influences include, Iron Maiden, Chokehold, the Rad Soundtrack, LL Cool J, DRI, the Locust, Skid Row, The Cars and Devo. We have collectively over 30 years experience in the music industry. From the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, to Oompas Brat Shack, we have done it all.

We currently have over 75 songs recorded, and are shopping around for a major label record company who would be dedicated to us and what we want to accomplish. Being that we want to accomplish total worldwide saturation of our tunes, we have had to turn down label after label.

Caroline Dorfenson at the last CD show.

4/30/01 - Caution Danger is coming at you with a brand new song entitled "You Build Snap Models", and a new version of our hit "Power of the Tiger". Download them both you dirty, dirty sons of bitches. They can be found in the mp3 section.
4/13/01 - In celebration of the birth of Jason Vorhees, a new song has been added to the mp3 area of the site. It is one of our best songs, and is about everyone's favorite TV personality, MISS FUCKING CLEO. Download it pussies.
3/30/01 - Three more songs of mass destruction have been added to the mp3 area of the site, Hot Cross Buns, This is no Laughing Matter, and Do The Dew. Don't miss them. Also, the discography section was updated.