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Midget Man
Power of the Tiger
We're Not Iron Maiden

Midget Man
Here comes the midget man
Leader of the midget clan
Fending off the average man
Fighting all those asian bands

Always fighting
Feel their lightning
Faces slapping (??)
Melons rapping (??)

Here come the midgets
Standing true and tall
When their tiny herds come attacking
Common man will fall

Midget Man!

Power Of The Tiger
Let's go see the tigers
I only like the tigers
No those stupid elephants
I'll be back tomorrow
Going to see the tigers
Not the stupid elephant

Tigers In Heat!

I hate those fucking tigers now
Cause those fucking tigers suck
They have lost the power
Now bring out the penguins
Those fucking tigers suck

Penguins In Heat!

We're Not Iron Maiden
Don't get us confused
The Trooper is not our song
And I am NOT Bruce Dickenson

Up the Irons!
Up the Irons!

They are much older than us
Who the fuck do you think you are
Bow down to the real masters

Up the Irons!
Up the Irons!

Team NFL liscenses
Yellow green and white
Zebra prints for all
Team Zubaz
Tuck them in your socks
Tight to show off your cock
Roll those ankles up
Take it up the butt


Fuck Z Cavarichi!