Downloading Tips - Click the song title, and it will take you to some stupid Tripod page so they can get some more banner impressions. Then you have to click the filename again, and it will download.

Do The Dew - A love tune as beautiful and sincere as any song Neil Diamond ever wrote. Busta, we love you. The Source - "Caution Danger is hella bangin' on this track!! With lyrics about bling bling humvees and shit, you know they're heading for a triple platinum release!!" Featuring: Tim - Vocals, Josh - Guitar, Mark - Drums, Ben and Boban - Backing Vocals

Hot Cross Buns (Traditional) - This is our contribution to the upcoming "Kid's Tunes" compilation. Hear it before everyone else, and make the teeming masses of Caution Danger fans ultra jealous. Highlights for Children - "We've recieved the pre-release copy of "Kid's Tunes", and I must say that this is an utter pile of crap, with the glaring exception of Caution Danger's interpretation of the classic tune "Hot Cross Buns"" Featuring: Josh - Vocals and Guitar, Tim - Backing Vocals, Mark - Drums.
Midget Man - A new-wave tune in the vein of Kids of Widney High. Alternative Press - "Drum programing heads into new ground with Caution Danger's new hit "Midget Man". I'm not one to compare music to the greats like Beethoven, or Bach, but this song is just as genuinely inspired as any composition by those above mentioned masters of music." Featuring: Tim - Vocals, Mark - Vocals, Josh - Vocals, Boban - Drum Programing and Lyrics.

Miss Cleo Will Make Us Famous NEW!- A song about the most talented TV personality of all time. Miss Cleo is an inspiration for all of Caution Danger, and should be an inspiration to you. Maximum Rock N' Roll - "Fuck Crass, the true masters of chaos punk don't disappoint on this government smashing track of destruction." Featuring: Tim - Vocals, Josh - Guitar and Bass, Mark - Drums.
Power of the Tiger (aka: Tigers In Heat) NEW! - Our greatest song to date. Imagine a mixture of Survivor, Bushwick Bill, and Roth-era Van Halen. This is a newer version of the song, and much more rockin' than the older one. A must download. . The Rubberist - "Tie me up, and spank my ass red!! This song is hot beyond belief! A MUST listen!" Featuring: Tim - Vocals, Josh - Guitar, Bass, and Backing Vocals, Mark - Drums.

Taste Trials - Get ready to be whalloped by the Miami Bass style sub-sonic booms in this track. If that's not enough, the Devo-esque vocals and drumming will be ingrained in your head for the rest of your lifetime. High Society Magazine - "I don't give a flying fuck what you say, Caution Danger's top 40 hit "Taste Trials" will get any lady into the sack any day of the week. Guaranteed." Featuring: Tim - Vocals, Josh - Keyboard Licks, Mark - Drums.

The Redeemer - A whimsical tale of lust and nutrition facts. This song shows off some of our 1994 chugga chugga hardcore roots, and will surely knock your socks off. Metal Edge Magazine - "The Redeemer is a rip-roaring song that will give you a sonic beating that I havn't experienced since Slayer's "Reign In Blood" cd hit the streets." Featuring: Tim - Vocals, Josh - Guitar and Backing Vocals, Mark - Drums, Boban - Record Button.

This Is No Laughing Matter - The Cars, watch out!! We've created a new standard in pop sensibilities with this tune. Dillenger Escape Plan also quivers in terror with the techness of the ending of this song. Get out your protractors! CMJ Music Guide - "Going up, and up...the charts that is!! A must buy to find out why it's all because of the woodpecker!" Featuring: Tim - Vocals, Josh - Guitar, Mark - Drums.

We're Not Iron Maiden - More of our hardcore roots show through in this instant classic. I have no clue why people keep getting us confused, but this song puts the rumours to rest. Bruce Dickenson (Of Iron Maiden) - "They REALLY aren't Iron Maiden. It's true." Featuring: Tim - Vocals, Josh - Guitar, Bass, and Backing Vocals, Mark - Drums and Backing Vocals.

You Build Snap Models NEW! - Savage riffs and hammering kit work is the flavor of the day with this tune. Frontman Tim gives it his all, and often ends up puking blood after playing this song live. Taste the chaos. Nikki Sixx - "Although this isn't a rock anthem about tits and booze, I still give it my recommendation. Rock on Caution Danger!!"Featuring: Tim - Vocals, Josh - Guitar and Bass, Mark - Drums.
Zubaz (The Original) - This is one of our best and most well put together tracks featuring harmonious melodies, and extreme drum solos. It's also about everyone's favorite kind of pants. Bop - "These boys are so darn cute, you know they could never come up with a bad tune. Check out the photo shoot on page 32 with 14 pull-out posters!" Featuring: Tim - Vocals, Mark - Drums, Josh - Guitar and Lyrics.