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Credit Learning Center

Welcome to our Credit Learning Center. Our Credit Learning Center is designed for those looking to repair or maintain their credit reports. In this page you will find helpful topics and links to get you on your way...the in's and out's and the do's and don'ts. To get started repairing your credit, simply scroll down or click here.


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  • Fair Credit Reporting Act - Lets introduce this right off the bat because this is very important, in fact, its your stronghold of credit repair. The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a law that states a consumer should have fair rights to proper credit reporting. This law allows a person to dispute any errors in his/her credit report.
  • You have a right! - If you have been denied financing, employment, or any other matter that may involves a credit check, you have the right to send a letter in writing to the credit bureau explaining your denial and you will receive a free copy of your credit report. You must do it within 60 days of the denial. If you find any discrepancies in your report, you have the right to dispute them in writing also.
  • The three major credit bureau's - When you send any letters to the credit bureau's, you'll need to know which one to send to.  Sometimes a lender, or other persons requesting a credit check, will only request the check from one bureau...or sometimes, all three. When denied credit, you will receive a letter in the mail stating why you were denied and who supplied the credit check. You can speed up the process by asking the lender, or other persons requesting a credit check, who they obtain their reports from. The three major bureau's are: Equifax, 800- 685-1111, www.equifax.com; Experian, 800-682-7654, www.experian.com; and TransUnion, 800-916-8800, www.transunion.com.
  • Don't ask the lender for details. - Well, you can ask the lender details about your credit report, but, they won't tell you. Why? Well, its not just cause they're mean...it's the law. That's right, as frustrating as it might be...they are not allowed to share any details of that credit report sitting right in front of them. So, just ask them what bureau they got it from...they are allowed to tell you that.
  • Be aware of scams! - There are many scams nowadays for credit repair. Some state that you can create a second, fresh and clean record. This is not true at all. Some also say that they can "erase" items off of your record. This is not true at all either. Each person has credit reports based on their social security number. Unless you have two of them...you're not getting a second credit report. And, the only way to have something erased off your credit report is to dispute it, and prove it, then it will be removed. Otherwise, it will remain on your record for 7 years. Even if you have a loan, with a bunch of late payments, and then pay it off...the late payments will remain on your report for 7 years.
  • Not denied credit? - If you don't qualify for a free credit report, due to a denial within the last 60 days, you can still obtain a copy of your credit report.  In this case, it is not free. They are fairly inexpensive however. There are some agencies that do sell "packages" such as a 3 in 1 report with other features. These are usually not a very bad deal, it sometimes can save you time and sometimes have other benefits included. These agencies are not necessary however. You can simply contact the bureaus yourself.
  • Tips and Tricks. - There are some useful tips to improve your credit. 1.Before you attempt any kind of repair, the best thing to do is to contact the party you owe money to.  If you have an account that has not been paid on, or is late often, contact them and arrange some kind of deal.  If you have a delinquent account, lenders will frown more on the fact that you are paying nothing at all. 2. If possible, pay ahead!! If you can pay ahead a month or two, this is usually major bonus points. If you do, make sure not to just send a regular check to go towards your pay off...instead send them for your monthly payments. For example, if your April payment of $300.00 is due now and you want to pay ahead a couple of months...don't just send a check for $1200.00. Instead, write 3 different checks and write the payment on each one (April payment, May payment, June payment). Also, stagger them out when mailing...try to leave a week gap between each check. 3. The best rule of thumb to maintaining a good credit report is to not be late on your payments...be on time, and they'll love you!
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  • Ever spell mortgage like morgage or mortage or morgege or even mortage? How about amortization like ammortization or amortazation or even amerazation?  If so, you need to check out our Mortgage Glossary!!
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  • Our Home Owner Resources page contains various links to ease the tasks with home ownership such as insurance, home builders, interior decorators, furniture suppliers and much more!
Credit Learning Center
  • Got bad credit...or good...or don't know? Our Credit Learning Center is filled with information to aid with credit maintenance and repair.  There is even an option to get a copy of your credit report.
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