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You can click the thumbnails below for a full size photo.  (It will open in your default image editing program.)  

MattWlasniewskiH.jpg (28736 bytes) Matt at WEEU Community Cafe, 12/01, Copyright "East Side" Dave Kline
JeffKreamerG.jpg (29836 bytes) Jeff at WEEU Community Cafe, 12/01, Copyright "East Side" Dave Kline
DaveMarieGottshallB.jpg (20073 bytes) Dave and Marie at WEEU Community Cafe, 12/01, Copyright "East Side" Dave Kline
CarleyLopezF.jpg (26162 bytes)Carley at WEEU Community Cafe, 12/01, Copyright "East Side" Dave Kline
BillBoyerJeannetteReustleCarleyE.jpg (14943 bytes)Carley, Jeannette, and Bill at WEEU Community Cafe 12/01, Copyright "East Side" Dave Kline
fcms_odr.jpg (90550 bytes)Old Dry Road Fiddle Fest, 9/01, Copyright Bill Boyer
bluecr~1.jpg (94435 bytes)"Blue Creek" at Old Dry Road 9/01, Copyright Bill Boyer
HayCrk2.jpg (121166 bytes)Hay Creek, 10/00, Copyright Scott Canouse
PClemens.jpg (119872 bytes)Phil Clemens, Old Dry Road Farm, 9/00, Copyright Don Potteiger
engpeder.jpg (130170 bytes)Jean Pedersen and Steve Eng, Old Dry Road, 9/00, Copyright Don Potteiger 
HerPk0006.jpg (173765 bytes)Hibernia, 6/00, Copyright Justina Lopez
Sarahsh.jpg (117834 bytes)Sarah and Colonial Shirts, 3/00, Copyright Don Potteiger
ellenjo.jpg (100895 bytes)Fiddlers, 3/00, Copyright Don Potteiger
gm3.jpg (62104 bytes) Grings Mill Holiday Lights feat. Jeannette, 12/99, Copyright Scott Canouse
gm2.jpg (55069 bytes)Grings Mill Holiday Lights featuring Carley, 12/99, Copyright Scott Canouse
gm1.jpg (72202 bytes)Grings' Mill Holiday lights feat. Jack, Chris, and Randy, 12/99, Copyright Scott Canouse
JimBrobst.jpg (89223 bytes)Jim Brobst at Hibernia, 8/99, Copyright Don Potteiger
Jam@ODR.jpg (83844 bytes)Jam at Old Dry Run, 10/99, Copyright Don Potteiger
FCMS@Gring'sMill.jpg (60260 bytes)FCMS at Gring's Mill, 8/99, Copyright Don Potteiger
Scott Canouse at Hibernia.jpg (92712 bytes) Scott Canouse at Hibernia (8/99), or, more precisely, based on what's actually in focus, "A Guitar Case Leaning Against a Tree a Few Dozen Feet Behind Scott Canouse at Hibernia", Copyright Don Potteiger (Just kidding you Don!  Thanks for the photo anyway!) 
OldDryRoadFarm2.jpg (96298 bytes) FCMS at Old Dry Road Farm (9/99), Copyright Don Potteiger
 Full Circle at Hibernia-Copyright 1999 by Don Potteiger Full Circle at Hibernia (8/99), Copyright Don Potteiger
 Blue Moon at Father Folk, July 1999, Copyright Don Pottinger Blue Moon at Father Folk (7/99) Copyright Don Potteiger
The banjo lesson, Copyright Scott Canouse (25759 bytes) The Banjo lesson, Copyright Scott Canouse
  Randy and the kids, Copyright Scott Canouse (114903 bytes) Randy and the kids, Copyright Scott Canouse


Members are encouraged to submit more photos of Full Circle in action.

The Full Circle Music Society, Post Office Box 6822, Wyomissing, PA 19610-6822
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