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Who We Are
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We are musicians and listeners of all shapes and sizes,from beginners to virtuosos, united by a love for acoustic music.

  Full Circle at Hibernia

Full Circle getting introduced at Hibernia Folk Festival, August 1999
(Photo Copyright 1999 by Don Potteiger)

At last count FCMS had over 150 members.  Non-members are also very welcome! Non-members enjoy almost the full benefits of membership, with the exception that they don't get the satisfaction of supporting this worthy group financially, and don't get our almost-monthly newsletter via U.S. mail.  

Full Circle frequently assembles and mobilizes its membership to play at various local and regional events, with a sliding fee schedule depending on the budget of the hiring organization and our members' availability.  Click on "Contact Us" to find out more.  Check out our photo page to see our members in action!

Many of our members have their own acts that can be hired.  As a membership courtesy we offer space on this web site for links to our members' web sites or booking information. (Members please email with info if interested in adding info to this page.)


The Full Circle Music Society, Post Office Box 6822, Wyomissing, PA 19610-6822
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