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Gamma Sigma Sigma History

The organization of the groups which formed Gamma Sigma Sigma as a National Service Sorority is attributed to the women of Drexel Institute of Technology, a local service sorority known as Gamma Sigma Sigma. After searching for other groups having similar ideals and purposes, the Drexel group discovered the Omega Service Sorority at Boston University and the Women's Service Organization at New York University. After periodic informal contacts and informations exchanges about their local organizations, the three groups determined they had nearly identical ideas, service programs, and ideals. A Constitutional Convention was scheduled to establish formal ties and form a National Service Sorority.

The Convention was held at Beekman Towers in New York City, October 10-12, 1952. Representatives attended from Boston University, Brooklyn College, Drexel Institute of Technology, Los Angeles City College, New York University, Queens College, University of Houston and Miami University of Ohio. During those three days, a national constitution was drafted and adopted, officers were selected, and a name was selected for the new National Service Sorority. The date commemorating the Constitutional Convention, October 12, is designated as Founder's Day for our Sorority. The National Constitution went into effect on January 1, 1953.

- Adapted from the Gamma Sigma Sigma Member's Handbook.

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