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Gamma Kappa Mission

Why We're Service

Gamma Sigma Sigma is a unique sorority. It's purpose is to gather in the spirit of helping others. Gamma Sigma Sigma is founded on the principle of it's members providing service to others in the spirit of unity.

The first step toward becoming a member of Gamma Sigma Sigma is deciding to become a prospective member. The organization does not make this decision of picking and choosing who may or may not become members. Instead, students may decide to make Gamma Sigma Sigma their organization of choice. Gamma Sigma Sigma welcomes students who have chosen our organization with open arms.

Selectivity of members and hazing have been prohibited by Gamma Sigma Sigma since it's foundation. It is Gamma Sigma Sigma's non-selectivity policy which is the single-most difference between Gamma Sigma Sigma and social organizations.

The variety of personalities and talents of our members has built an organization with vision and creativity, strong enough to withstand some difficult times and flexible enough to change and grow. Members in Gamma Sigma Sigma enjoy many friendships. Some will last through college. Some will last a lifetime.

Most members will have many opportunities to become the best they can be while making a real impact in other people's lives. Our members learn organizational skills that will serve them throughout their lives. They will interact with people at all levels, from the Student Activities Office to the management of non-profit organizations and social service agencies.

The committment to service, open membership, and opportunities to learn and grow set Gamma Sigma Sigma apart from the social sororities. Our membership makes us diversified and unique - the essence of Gamma Sigma Sigma.

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