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Gamma Kappa Symbols

The Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms is one of the most important symbols of our sorority. The arms, or SHIELD, of Gamma Sigma Sigma as used by a member stands for the protection afforded by membership. Maroon is the color of the shield and symbolizes loyalty. The SCALES stand for equality and justice. The STAR represents the three attributes of perfect fraternal friendship - loyalty, integrity, and valor. The CHEVRON represents service to one's fellow man. The CREST is the design above the shield. The TWISTED RIBBON stands for the inspiration of high ideals of the sorority. The two CLASPED HANDS and the GLOBE stand for friendship all over the world. The SCROLL beneath the shield bears the name of Gamma Sigma Sigma in Greek.

The Membership Pin

Symbols representing Gamma Sigma Sigma are significant to the design of the official Membership Pin. The triangle background signifies the foundation of equality and friendship leading up to the point representing service. The shield containing the Greek letters GSS indicate the protection of membership in Gamma Sigma Sigma. The symbols are the STAFF for service, the WHITE ROSE for friendship and the Greek letter OMICRON for equality.

The White Rose

The official FLOWER is the White Rose, which stands for friendship.

The Penguin

The official chapter mascot is the Penguin.

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