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TAV INTERVIEW (ash manager)

Let the interview begin.


Ladies and Gentleman id like you all to give a big warm welcome to Ash manager and record label owner TAV.

Ok down to the nitty gritty.

JB: Wouldnt you love to whup louis walsh and pete waterman's asses for dissing  ash?

TAV: These people are always going to crop up. They think they know it all because  they've made a bit of money. They start to believe that they are infallible,  they become celebrities with egos bigger than their artists. They jump at any  opportunity to get their name or likeness in the media, it's all about grab  the biggest headline. The music is always secondary, it's part of a vehicle to  make them loads of cash. The singers will always suffer in the end, cos walsh and waterman don't give a fuck about them. When you've been in the industry for as long as I have you get to recognise the same old routine.

 I'm in this business because I love music. If I happen to make some money  along the way then great, but that's not my primary motive. 
Real songs appeal to all age groups - not just under 14 year olds. 

The thing that's killing creativity in this business is that too many people  are getting into it to make a quick buck. If these idiots had any integrity at  all there'd be a warning notice at the start of each popstars/idol/rival 
programme stating that this programme could seriously damage your health,  wealth, leave you emotionally scarred, jobless and in certain cases dead.

Someday soon this bubble is gonna burst and all those two charlies are gonna  have to show for it is a pile of cash and a trail of lost souls.

JB: How do you split your time managing ash and little hell?

TAV:I don't actually manage little hell. They are managed by somebody else. They  are the first band signed them to my record label double dragon. Two other  people run the label in london, so my involvement is only A&R and marketing. I do have to approve every decision made by my two partners though.

JB:Are you happy with the rate of success ash are having in the US?

TAV: This is the best it's ever been for ash in america. The band are selling more  records each week and everytime they play a gig supporting someone they sell 
loads more. It's the best way to break any territory, by people being blown  away by the band live. If people find out about you by a song on the radio it  usually means you are only as good as your last record on the radio.

JB: Is four members the magic no. for a band?

TAV:Ash were once a three piece don't forget. No, I think whatever works live works the best. 

JB: are you happy with how ISS sold?

TAV: Yes, considering the band have been in america all year I don't think it's done too bad at all. There is going to be another big push on the album in the spring - it's not over yet !

JB: What is your target for the sucess of little hell's debut album?

TAV:I'll be happy if they sell 100 copies ! honestly, just knowing that 100 people  have fallen for the same raw melody as I did when I first heard their music is  enough. Obviously, the band want to sell millions !

JB:Whats your favourite ash moment?

TAV: Tim winning the ivor novello award was a defining moment for me + free all angels going to number one after everyone had written the band off.
JB:What do you think of slashed and all the cameo's in it?

TAV: Carry on frankenstein.
JB: Do you like to party hard with the bands?

TAV:No, I usually have to get up stupidly early the next day and work office  hours. Friday nights I kick back though.

JB: What track would you like played at your funeral?

TAV: Knees up mother brown.

JB:When are the exact dates of the uk tours gonna be published? (and please  please play notts)

TAV: What uk dates ? (JB. hmm wont let the cat outta the bag. Must use jedi mind trick next time.)



Thanks alot to TAV for his time. What a top bloke.