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Related Links


the New Official Ash site

Brand new ash site and board. This is where the hardcore ash fans post their views and also get updates on ash by the band themselves and the manager Tav


Also the best ash site run by another ash board member, except for mine the one and only Jed Shepherd the writer of the upcoming ASH movie slashed. The movie Slashed is going to hopefully include cameos by Moby and maybe even Chaz's fav a certain Mr Bowie.


Planet ASH

Planet ASH made by the lovely Alison Hamilton, shes a veteran ash fan and has made a top notch site, well worth alook.


The Deltarays

the deltarays are a brilliant up and coming band who are based in Nottingham. You can download 7 quality songs from their website. So i highly recommend you do.


The Deltarays Unofficial Site

The Unofficial Site for the Deltarays. Its run by me, yes i think their that good ive made a website for them. The site includes some Photos from the bands latest gig. Feel free to check it out.


Town Mill

The town mill or THE Mill as its also known its Mansfield hottest ticket for decent live music from either tribute bands or new up and coming talent or bands popping through on tour. Its a lovely little venue.


Net based music magazine based in Nottingham,Derby and Mansfield. Check out all the latest unsigned band news, reviews and gig listings.