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People i know!!

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People i know!!
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Super-cool ppl!!

SHELISE-> Hey chickey!!! lol ur awesum!! wohoo!! beatin eachother up in math class, and HOWDIE!!! lol luv ya like a ffat kid luvs cake lol!! That's pimpin!! xoxo!!

JULIE-> ZEEKY BOOGY DOOG!!!! lol the evil strawberry rox!!! lol Ur a cool kid!! i luvs ya lotz lol, gotta watc more scary movies sumtime!! WOO!! were havin our b-dayz together, itll be so awesum!!! xoxoxo

BEKI-> she should be shot....several the head!!! lol fun english classes, our teahcer is a SPED!!  death poems are fun!! lol suicides betta lol!!! love ya hhun!! lol xoxoxo

ASHLEY-> Hey cutie!! u rock!!! lol, we gotta go to timmies again lol, we wont get lost this time!!!! lol!!! good luck w. hemp!!! lol, luv ya tons hunnie!! xoxoxo

DREW-> Hey buddy!! lol!! thanks for the comfort at the grudge lol, making fun of me the whole time, it wasnt funny the movie was scary, not exactly sure wats goin on, but well figure it out were smart ppl lol!! neways ttyl byez xoxo

Cool People

STEPHANIE. S--> ur a cool chickey!! fun tymes in french class, c ya around xoxo
ZAKKIE--> neva get ta see yah, but ur a cool kid!! love ya tons!! xoxoxo!! fun tymes!!
BEN--> ur a cool kid, but the clothslining hurt, i smashed my um off the floor lol!! fun tymes in gym, i suck at badminton lol!! c ya around!
JOSH (AKA JOE LOUIE)--> u gotta teach me sum languages lol, ur my personal translation system lol!! fun tymes fightin over chairs lol
JESSE--> I love ya buddy!! lol im not green lol!!! ur a awesum kid!! Life is boring lol!! xoxo luv ya!! bffeaeae
LICIA--> u rock!! can tell u nething!!! ur an awesum kid!! luv yah tonz!! ur my hero!! lol xoxoxo bffeaeae
NATALIE--> ur a cool chickey, the last dance was awesum!!! gotta hang with ya again sumtyme soon!! xoxoxo luv ya!! bffeaeae!!
ERIC--> Ur and awesum dude!!! ill take the bus again sumtyme soon!! but dont bring an air horn!! it hurt my ears lol!! CUBAN FLAKES!! lol good times, axe rox!! lol luv ya xoxo bffeae
KRISTIN--> Ur such a cool kid!! i love ur wrist band, im gonna steal it!! u haveta come over  sumtyme, u shouldnta transferred classes!! xoxo!! luv ya
ABBY--> havent seen ya too much, ur awesum!! keep playin da bass u rock!! lol xoxo luv ya
ADAM--> Ur such awesum dude!! lol, keep skatin ur da best!! Ur b-day rocked. ur cousin is in mah class lol!! xoxo love ya bffeaeae
laura--> meant to put yah in "super-cool" but too lazy now lol, u rock ur da best cuz eva!! fun tymes last summa!! hope ya like hvhs!! Love yah tonz!! xoxoxoxo bffeaeaeaeaeaeae
Laura--> U rock!! drum lessons every week!! the dance was awesum!! luv ya!! xoxoxo bffeaeae
ASHWEY!!--> lol ur a cool sis!! ya gotta buy me liquer!! pweeeze lol!! love ya lotz!! c ya at x-mas!! xoxoxo love yah!!

People who should be shot...several da head

ASHLEY JOYCE--> u wrecked my life and u deserve to die. u treat everybody like shit and u dont deserve ne friends. i hope u O/D u fuckin druggie!! I'm glas ur at simonds where ill never have to see u again!!
RYAN CATHLINE--> i dont think u deserve to die, but u r treatin me like shit, and i dunno y, ive never done nehting bad to u!!

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