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Uppidy doo!
Friends and Relatives

All the rest of them (the extras I couldn't find a place for)!

on the bed

This is us in our fancy room at the Seelbach Hilton Hotel!

craig and his dad at the mall

Craig and his dad took this picture at a computer kiosk in the mall.

little keybee

This is Carole at our next door neighbors house when we were little. The neighbors had a paved driveway, so we invaded their space daily to play with all of the toys that wouldn't work in our gravel driveway!

ashley sleeping

Ashley's such a ham, you can never get a sincere picture of her! I took this when she was sleeping on the couch so she couldn't fake the picture!

on the mall

This is us in Washington D.C. in front of the U.S. Capitol Building!

craig and his dad at home

I took this picture of Craig and his dad in their driveway before I left for basic training.

lizzy on a pogo stick

I used to be a pro at the pogo stick! This was in our next door neighbors driveway, too. They had theirs PAVED!

ryley lounging

Ryley was only a year old when I took this picture of her in mom and dad's old pool. She's such a nudist!

ryley and ashley on someone's lap

Everyone came to visit Craig and I in our last apartment and they brought their little kids! This is Ashley and Ryley sitting in Christine's lap.

ashley shows her teeth!

See the big globber of drool on Ashley's face?! HA!

mom, liz, and dad at liz's graduation

Carole took this picture of mom, dad, and I at my graduation from below us when we stood on a big rock. It's an awesome picture!


This is mom and I on the Detroit river at my graduation.

chris and teeny tiny ashley

This is Christine and Ashley about 4 days after Ashley was born! She was so tiny!

naked ryley and a cup

Another nudist picture of Ryley playing with a Pepsi cup. It's amazing what keeps kids occupied!

liz and chris at liz's graduation

This is Christine and I on mom and dad's old front porch right before I graduated from high school.

little lizzy and little key

Carole and I are so cute! I don't remember getting this picture taken, but it said it was us on the back of it!