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Uppidy doo!
The Kiddies

What's a proud aunt gonna do?

Here's Ashley posing next to a dinosaur in the park!

Ashley and a dinosaur

Is this the fakest smile you have ever seen? Here's Ryley on Halloween 2001!

a cute kitty

Ryley is such a ham. Here she is next to a fake deer... she makes it seem like it's real!

Ryley and Rudolph

I don't know what makes her crack up so much, but Ashley's always laughing! Here she is on Halloween 2001.

a buzzy bee

No one knows what they were laughing about, and when asked about it they both deny even laughing! I thought this picture rocked, though, so I made it big for ya!

Ryley and Ashley being sneaky...

We all hope they'll be friends forever, and as of yet they sure look like they are!

holding hands

Even though Ashley and Ryley are pictured on other parts of this site, I figured I'd add a separate page devoted just to them since they're so damn cute. If there are any pictures that you especially like, e-mail me and I'll give you the password to get into my Yahoo!Photos site, and you can order prints online of that picture. You can also order cool things like t-shirts, mousepads, plates, coffee mugs, and other cool stuff. Just let me know!