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As an individual package, "THE ANT" has the potential to perform several remote applications. The path following and collision avoidance system has many practical applications in real life besides serving as a research prototype.

Tele-operated systems with lower level decisions autonomous are imperative in dangerous situations and hostile environments, which form a potential threat to human beings like mining, study of volcanoes, etc

With optical sensors replacing whiskers to detect obstacles , the system can be used to maintain safe distances between other vehicles. It can be also be used in implementation of Automated Highway System in which the car is automatically controlled and does not require any driver.

With greater improvements, having capabilities to upload and download data advanced versions of the system can be used in collision avoidance for unmanned aircraft and in unmanned underwater exploratory vehicles.

Surveillance and maintenance of a chemical plant, power plant or a weapons nuclear plant. Handling, transporting, and decontaminating radioactive or toxic materials, waste in particular. Loading, unloading, and transporting objects in harmful or dangerous places.

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