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Here is the latest on Battier. If you know anything and would like to share, please send in. Credit is given

7/18/2001  The Grizzlies signed Battier to a three-year, $7.1 million contract on July 3.

6/27/2001  Shane was picked #6 in the Draft by the Vancouver Grizzlies.

4/21/2001  Goodwill Games Will Be Played August 29 - September 9, 2001 In Brisbane, Australia

4/19/2001  Duke Basketball Team To Be Honored At White House The Duke men's basketball team will be honored by President George W. Bush at the White House on Monday, April 23. The Blue Devils will participate in a ceremony in the Rose Garden at 10:15 AM.      

4/16/2001 Shane Battier and Jason Williams were named co-winners of the Swett-Baylin Award as Duke’s Most Valuable Players at the Blue Devils’ annual men's basketball banquet Monday night at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

4/12/2001  National Championship Poster Available for $10.  Poster has pictures from the Final Four as well as the signatures of all the players and Coach K.   National Championship Poster Available
4/2/2001 Shane and his teammates won the NCAA Championship!!!! Shane did such GREAT!