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Fan Experience
Have you ever met Shane? Well send in your stories or pictures(click attachment to send pics.)!

- School's Experience  (various students)
- I got out of school at 11 on Monday. Me and some friends
had a limo to go down town because it is out graduation so we decided to go
to ESPN zone and as we were pulling up we saw Shane walking with his
girlfriend in to ESPN zone so we went in there and we went into the VIP room
and we asked on of the waitresses if he could come in there after he got done
with every thing and he said yes and he came in there he is the biggest guy I
have ever seen and we got pictures (not developed) and got a visor signed by
him it was great   ~ Rj
-December 16, 2000 was the first day I met Shane. I was visiting Duke and of course like I always do, I go inside of Cameron just to check and see if the team is inside. My dad and I went inside and sure enough, they were in there. I couldn't believe it- so we waited in the front of the building to see if we could actually meet them when they were through showering and everything. We waited for 2 hours! Then we saw Reggie Love and Chris Duhon, so we asked them for their autographs, and of course they obliged. Then, Mike Dunleavy came out next, and he asked me if I was a student at Duke and I said no, and then I got his autograph. He talked to us for about 5 minutes, which I thought was really cool. Then we saw Nate Dogg come out! He was on his cell phone, but he still gave me his autograph, which I thought was really sweet of him to do.(I mean, he could have said no, cause he was talking on the phone. ) Then we waited for another half hour or so, and were about to give up on Shane, when my dad saw him getting into his Jeep!(I knew it was his b/c of the Michigan tags) So we ran over there and stopped him in the parking lot. It was hilarious! We talked to him for probably 20 minutes right there and he shook our hands and asked me if I was a student there, and where we were from. Then I told him I was his biggest fan in the entire world and he smiled. It was really awesome! My dad talked to him about the season and how it might be tough for them to win the championship, but he said that he thought they would go all the way. He wished me luck in getting into Duke , and told us that it was a pleasure for HIM to meet US!!! I totally couldn't believe that one! Then he told us Merry Christmas and bye, and drove off(oh yeah, he almost ran over me b/c I wouldn't get out of the way- I was still staring at him!) Then he waved and left. Whew!!! That was long!  Then the 2nd day was on Dec. 30, 2000 after a basketball game @ Duke(they had just whipped up on A&T)when I waited outside in the freezing cold to get autographs on my new poster. I saw Nate Dogg, and Mike D. again, and talked to JWill for a few minutes, he was really funny. I met Casey Sanders and Nick Horvath, and Carlos and got their autos too. Then we saw Shane and ran over there. This time, there was alot of people, so I couldn't say much except, "Can I get your autograph again?" and "Can I take a picture with you?" He told me he remembered me from before, and I almost melted!! Then he said he had to go, so he got in his Jeep and left. Everybody stood there and waved at him and he waved back. Well, that's about it- I think I went a little lengthy on it, but once I get started, I can't stop! (lol!) Shane is such an awesome guy-  Jenny
-Hey, I'm just writing to tell you that I too saw Shane. I was shopping in the women's section at Nike Town Chicago on a weekday about 2 weeks before the NBA draft and I saw Shane with his girlfriend shopping for shoes. He was sitting down, but looked very tall. I did not ask him for his autograph because he was with his girlfriend and obviously went to Nike Town early on a weekday to avoid being noticed. However, I wish him the best of luck and hope he decides to play for the Bulls sometime in the future! - Kat