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Love and Relationship Poems

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My Torn Lover
Written on: June 18, 2009
My mysterious lover
Oh, how I love thee
Your penetrating eyes see through me
But can you see the real me?
Can you see how I feel about you truly?
Your guard is up always.
Those walls you built are never down.
Is there a way to get through to you?
I'm not afraid of your rough exterior
I see through you to your struggling interior
Your heart has been torn and shredded
The tape you use to hold it together, is barely holding
My eyes can't hold back my tears of sorrow for you.
I want to help your heart heal, putting it back together
     with you.
But I know your heart does not trust so easily.
Hurt has filled your life with distrust, sorrow and
Let my love shine through and give you hope for
I am not like the others.
What I feel is true and pure
I plead for a chance to show you I love you and that I will never hurt you
Will you allow me that chance?
Is there a break in the wall that I may squeeze through?
Is there room in your heart for my love?
Just give me a chance
Give yourself a chance at love and happiness
I promise you a never-ending love and affection as well
     as support and faith in you.
I promise you will not regret allowing me into your life
     and heart to love the real you.
To love you, with your hurtful past, torn heart and
I will have patience and work through them with you.
I love you, from the moment I met you
Now, if only you could see and trust that.
Written on: September 1, 2007
I'm no longer walking the thin line high in the sky.
A loving hand reaches for me
Bringing me into the safety of loving arms.
In these arms, I am ME completely.
I will not fall into old ways.
Painful memories will not sneak through.
Old fears will not plague my mind.
No harm will come while I'm in his arms.
My body is yours completely.
For in the arms of the man I love, I am safe and loved.
I Can't Imagine
Written on: August 31, 2007
I can't imagine waking up and you are not there.
I can't imagine never hearing your voice.
I can't imagine not seeing you smile or laugh.
I can't imagine not feeling your arms around me, holding
     me tight.
I can't imagine never feeling your hand holding mine.
I can't imagine you not doing or saying anthing that will
     make me smile or laugh.
I can't imagine never hearing "I love you" pass your lips.
I can't imagine not having you as my everything.
I can't imagine not having you in my life.
Finally, I can't imagine you not being my husband and
I Love You!
What my Boyfriend has given me...
Written on: October 28, 2004
He has given me a shoulder to cry on when I need one.
He has given me his arms to be held safe in.
He has given me his hand to hold for as  long as I wish.
He has given me his ears to listen to everything I have
     to say and about what is bothering me.
He has given me his heart to take care of.
He has given me his trust which I will not break.
He has given me a special place in his life, that I never
     want to lose that spot.
He has given me a reason to get up and go each
     morning knowing he's supportive.
He has given me a reason to smile each day just at the
     sound of his voice.
He has given me more insight on topics, I never thought
He has given me encouragement to do things I needed it
     to do.
He has given me a slight desire to do things I never
     thought I would.
He has given me pushes to get me to do things I fear.
He has given me a reason to laugh at his jokes and
He has given me a higher self-esteem by telling me I'm
     beautiful and the only one in his eyes.
He has given me confidence in myself that I greatly lack.
He has given me little things that meant the world to
He has given me support for my goals and decisions.
He has given me hope of a future together.
He has given me strength to overcome all obstacles.
He most of all has given me his love which I hold dear
     to my heart.
He has given me so much and I hope I've given just as
     much back.
I love him very much!
That Day...
Written on: October 25, 2004
My heart loved you for a long time.
But doubted that you loved me.
You thought your actions showed love.
But actions are often misconstrued.
My heart needed reassurance that you trully loved me.
I needed to hear those actual words.
Why couldn't you say it?
You knew I needed to know.
Then one day you said it, when I needed to hear it
I couldn't believe you said, "I love you."
I cried for many minutes because I was so surprised.
My heart beated rapidly.
I could hardly respond to those words.
All I wanted to do was cry and even hug and kiss you to
I was never more happy than at that moment.
I'll never forget that day you said, "I love you."
Happiest Day
Written in: 2003
A bright and sunny Spring morning
It was warm, flowers were alive with color
Trully a rebirth from the harsh cold.
This day was special especially to women.
The guests would arrive soon in their suits and 
Cake and other delicious foods would be
     prepared for the celebration.
Dancing, singing, laughing, it was her happiest
As she prepared herself, putting on that white
     dress, she thought of the vow of love finally
     being sealed.
Her love for him would now be known, she
     could spread it until death do they part.
Anxious, nervous, she walks down the aisle with
     her daddy by her side.
He was giving his little girl to the man who won
     her heart.
Gazing in each other's eyes, reciting their vows
     to one another.
Each's heart pounding anxiously awaiting to
     hear those words, "I Do."
A kiss to seal their union because now their life
     would be different.
Their lives now had their love by their side to
     form a unity, full of love and build their lives
Indeed, it was their happiest day, the day they
     included officially their love in their life and
     published it to the world.
When I met you...
Written on: April 1, 2003
My heart was broken many times before.
When I had met you, my heart was hopeless.
It felt like a black hole replaced it.
I did not want to feel anything for anyone because
     eventually I'd be back to where I was.
Upon our first encounter, I saw beneath the initial
     awkwardness and silence.
When I really got to look into your eyes, I saw
     something special.
I cannot trully say what that was then and still am not
     able to express that now.
All I can say is with those eyes and your smile, my heart
     started to restore.
As time grew so did what I felt for you, it was more than
     friends for me.
When you asked me if I would want to make this
     official, my heart leaped.
My heart began to feel hope again as well as many
     emotions it had not felt in a long time.
I still at times still cannot believe you asked me.
Through our relationship so far, we have had our ups and
     downs, but hey who doesn't.
You have never given up, nor will I.
I will treasure each moment with you, even if I do not 
     always show it, believe me it's your presence I enjoy
     the most.
All I really want at times is just to be in your arms and
     looking into those eyes and just talking.
Your smile still means the world to me, I can picture it
     in my head and then I smile.
Your eyes still hold something special to me, eyes hold
     the truth and also the secrets of the heart.
All together with all your features whether they might be
     good or bad or even switch at times, you still mean
     the world to me.
Even if your heart is yet unsure of how it feels, mine is
     sure and always wants me to express it.
I Love You!!!
I've Dreamed...
Written on: November 13, 2003
I've dreamed about a man who possessed...
     A mind that when unleashed brought a whole new 
         world to me.
     Eyes that possessed every thought, emotion,
         aspiration, and past experiences.
     A smile that could scare away those negative
         thoughts & happenings to brighten up my day.
     Ears that would listen to my problems and every
         thoughts, without drowning me out.
     A nose to smell things when I cannot because of
         being stuffy.
     Lips that when pressed against my own would send a
         warm sensation to my heart.
     A mouth that would speak, what was on his mind
         and heart so it would unleash into the world.
     Shoulders to cry on when things got to that point.
     Strong arms that could embrace me so tight to
         comfort me, show love and shield me from harm.
     Hands to hold tightly to have a reminder that he is
I've dreamed he had...
     An unbound curiosity, always searching for
         knowledge allowing his mind to expand to new
     A trust that could never be broken or  doubted.
     Support for my aspirations and I would lend mine.
     A respect for my hopes, dreams, feelings and
         decisions as his own.
     An understanding of who I am and who I hope to be.
     A dream to go far in this world and knowledge to
         where he wants to be.
     A personality that attracts and captures people's
         attention no matter where he goes.
     Wisdom to know what's right and what's wrong and
         when each is appropriate.
     A sense of humor that has people rolling on the floor
     A creative intellect to produce ideas never thought
         before and to improve on others.
     Romance to show he really cares.
     A heart that is open for new experiences and views,
         as well as for the emotions to come.
     Kindness to all people, to not be selfish and to give
         more than he receives.
     A love not only for those close to him but for others
         as well and most of all himself.
I've dreamed all this and more in a man.
People may say it's too much to dream for, therefore it
     would always be a dream.
They're wrong, it's not a dream to me, at least not
I've found all these qualities in you and so much more,
     you're more than I could have ever dreamed of
     finding or being with.
I love you for everything that makes you who you are
Simple Happy Poem
The love in my life has gone far from me.
Oh please bring him back to me!
Time and time I wait
I grow impatient with fate
I go to my love for my feelings will not cease
Once in his arms again, I’ll know if this is meant to be!
Oh please, let it be!
I see my love, I run to him
He takes me in his arms and I know it is meant to be.
We kiss softly, my heart leaps for joy.
We go to your home and once there, I know this is where I am supposed to be.
I love this man and that will never cease to exist.
I am happy to finally be with him forever.

Written in: December 2002
Soft and gentle whispers flowing in the wind.
Carrying that message across the world.
Through the sky, clouds and stars.
Lingering in the breeze for all those to come across...
The most beautiful words people long to hear.
I love you!
The Key
Written in: December 2002
You are the keeper of the key.
It unlocks a whole new world.
One that is fragile yet strong.
One that is naive yet cautious.
One that is scared yet brave.
One that brings pain and ecstasy.
Through time the honor is bestowed upon you.
Will you guard it always and treat it as if it was your
Will you lose it or hand it back to me?
Please take care of the key to my heart.
It unlocks only for the one that possesses the key.
Written in: November 2002
Your beautiful eyes, I love to look into and see all I can
         for the eyes hold the truth and emotions.
Your strong arms tightening around me, making me feel
         so safe and cared for.
Your gentle kisses to my forehead as you hold me in
         your arms to show you care.
Your lips pressing against mine, kissing me passionately
         and lovingly sending all sorts of wonderful
         sensations throughout my body especially my
Your words touching me deeply when you say I'm special
         to you and that you care for me.
My thoughts constantly thinking of you and every
         characteristics that makes me feel the way I do
         for you.
I see myself constantly wondering how you are and if
         you're alright or even thinking of me.
I wonder:
     Do you think of me, the way I think of you?
     Do you feel the same way I do for you?
     Do you see all I see or is it my vision?
My heart beats fast and longs to be with you always.
I want you, I need you, I love you!!!
Written in: November 2002
At first sight, I knew you were destined to be in my life.
I knew you were different someone very special
Never in my life would I have thought I’d fall for you this
Any woman out there would be lucky to have you with
You’re sweet and generous with a genuine charm to you.
My heart is captured by your personality
Now that it has opened up and come to love you, I fear
         losing you.
Love in the Wind
Written in: November 2002
The chilly wind blowing
The days growing shorter as the night grows longer.
The colorful leaves falling to the ground leaving this
         once lively tree, bare.
Through the wind I hear a voice calling.
Whispering for me to come to you.
But where are you?
Fate Knocking
Written in: 2002
My life was so incomplete and unhappy.
Never wanting to awake for another day of the same.
Attitude so negative.
Heart in unbelievable pain.
No sooner than when I was about to give up,
You came into my life.
So perfect...
My heart coming out of suffering, leaping for joy.
Excitement each day of getting to speak with you.
My life feeling happy and complete.
You are so perfect for me.
You make me smile and laugh when I am sad.
I'm so lucky to have met you.
Now that I've met you, I don't want to lose you, I came
     to love you.
You make me happy and show me there is a meaning to
     get up each day.
To get up the nexy day, where you will be waiting for me
     and talking to me lovingly.
Love growing stonger with each day.
Self confidence in us increasing rapidly.
Excitement and happiness filling our lives because of the
     love and affection we show for one another.
Thank you for clicking yes to meet me.
For that day changed my unhappy life.
You changed the bad to good, and the good to love.
I Love you!!!!

A Puzzle or Is it?
Written on April 2, 2001
You get this new "puzzle".
You spend hours, days, weeks, months even years
     putting it together
Time of finishing it depends on the effort you put into it.
You work so hard putting piece by piece of it together
     until it's almost done.  
One day something happens to this "puzzle"
Pain surges through you're heart.
The pain of putting so much effort for nothing.
The hard work went down the tubes.
You put the "puzzle" back together but this time gluing
     the pieces.
Once you finish, you notice a piece is missing.
That one piece is all that is keeping this "puzzle" for
     being completed and making you happy.
You give up and time goes by until one day you find that
     piece when and where you least expected to.
Happiness surges throughout you because finally it's
     whole and beautiful.
Was the piece really missing or just awaiting to be
     found again?
I long to feel your touch
Written in: July 1999
I long to feel your touch of....
     Your hands, that are so strong yet so gentle, holding
     Our hands locked in love.
      Your bright eyes looking into mine.
     A loving gaze continuing.
     Kissing so softly.
     Your lips so sweet pressed against mine.
     A passionate full of love kiss.
     Smiles on our faces appearing.
     Strong arms pulling me close.
     Bodies so close together for yet another long kiss.
I long so much for your touch.
The touch that makes our love visible to those around

A Promise to My Boyfriend
Written in: April 1999
You are my one true love.
I love you more than I could say.
As peaceful as a dove,
I live my life day by day.
Always hoping
To be with you and never moping.
You are so sweet and caring.
You are great at sharing.
Every word you speak.
Makes me heart freak
I'll never be blue
Whenever I'm with you
You always make my smile appear
Which leaves no room for fear
You are my protector from harm
You are my lucky charm.
Everytime you say you love me.
I know that this love we feel is meant to be.
I never want us to part
Because that would break my heart.
You'll never leave my heart and mind.
Not even at the end of time.
Hidden Love Now Known
Written on: May 19, 1998
With some time we grew closer.
Learning as much as we could about the other.
Our hidden love growing stronger.
You broke that silence when you said "I love you"
I was surprised and shocked but when I finally
     recovered, I happily replied, "I love you too."
Silence broke out, we both were speechless that the
     other felt the same way.
Finally our true love was out in the open.
We are still learning and loving each other more each
Destiny spoke out for the best to the both of us that
Because now I love you so much and I never want to
     lose you.
A Long Awaited True Love
Through my life I have been in lots of bad relationships.
I'd wonder if I'd ever meet a guy whom I could trust and
     depend upon.
I longed for what my friends had with their boyfriends.
I'm finally thankful to say that my longing has ended.
I've found a guy whom I can confide everything in.
We have alot that is pure and true and also very strong.
I hope I never lose this relationship.
My Guy
Written in: May 1998
He brightens up my day with every word he says.
Turns my frown of a bad day into a big smile.
He makes me laugh with his funny jokes.
He stands up for me when I'm in need.
He's better than all my ex-bfs put together.
I'm so very lucky I found such a sweet, caring, funny,
     intelligent, lovable, respectful, handsome guy like
No words can ever express what he means to me.
I love him so much with all my heart and soul.
My love for him will last to eternity and beyond.
You're on My Mind
Written on: May 4, 1998
Picnicking on a beautiful beach.
Watching the sunrise togeher.
Walking hand in hand.
Kissing your sweet lips.
Feeling your strong arms around me holding me tight.
Cuddling next to you on a cold day.
Grabbing onto you when I'm scared.
Crying when I have to let you go for the day.
These things are what comes into my mind when I think
     about you.
I know that I love you so much with all my heart and
     soul, now and forever more.
I also know once you hold me in your strong arms, I
     never want you to let go.
When I think about you...
Written in: 1998 (published 2x)
When I think about you, my heart skips a beat.
I can't get you off my mind...
        Your sweet lips pressed against mine.
        Your handsome voice making me blush.
        Your strong arms holding me ever so tight.
My heart cries out for you and will continue to do so
     until the day we meet.
I cry whenever I miss you too much.
I love you so much that no words can ever express.
I also imagine us...
        Holding hands walking on the beach.
        Kissing every so often.
        Seeing beautiful sights together.
I hope we stay together forever.
You put a smile on my face when I am down.
I thank you for all the love and care that you have
     shown me.
You will be in my heart from now to forever until the day
     I die and ever afterwards too.

Cyber Love
Not seeing each other at all.
Longing for the other's gaze.
Waiting for that first kiss together.
Talking through the hone just to hear the other's voice.
This all comes when you fall in love with someone you
     met over the internet.
It can work if you want it to.
You just have to try which comes easy when you're in

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