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The ocean flows through raindrops and snow silk curls

and circulates off tongues

in sleepy words-

drowning, manipulating careless longing.




The trees and the flowers

fall together into death,

and you

you rain down to wash us free

to live.




Salty sorrow sinks down inside you;

you raise up roaring.




I'd rather swallow

a blood soaked sword then

the streaks of death

I didn't make.




Serene by the shores

softly tip-toes in the sand.



Butterflies swim

in and out

swooping up-

within an orange mist-

and down

and you are a blue mist.




You smolder Atlantis in a 

stranger's shielded gaze.




The moon, with its smear,

its smirk and passion,

with its rationing generator of dreams,

is my lover-

and like a lover

I inhale the creations of its soul

and like a lover 

I dance and scream and moan

at night

in day-

and she leads me home.




Once Johnny Castaway held my eye.




I thought the sea was as warm as a snake's

heart smeared across

Nevada concrete, and then

 as cold as the white  storm

swirling in the blistering blue orbs

of a wolf's eye.




You remind her to close her eyes and run.




Our tears are sacrifices

so that the ocean may always wave.

A tide's tears wash away the dolphin blood.




The people are screaming.

The ocean must be remembering.







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