over the rainbow




Thank you for all the happiness joy and love.  Even though I am saddened by the loss of each one they all taught me that the greatest memorial of all is to carry on the love and kindness.  I am sure that each and every one showed each family involved about the important things in life.


We may not be together in the way we use to be
but, we are still connected by a cord no one can see.
Whenever you need to find me we are never far apart.
Look up to the horizon and listen with your heart.
writer unknown                   


In Memory of Buffy...  cancer brought her down fast.  Buffy was the best dog our family ever had. Everyone seemed to love her and she loved everyone and every animal that came into our home.  She was extremely smart, loyal, sweet and tender. I will miss her with all my heart. 

She will continue to be our business logo along side Shaggy Bear, the wanderer, who wandered into our hearts.


Buffy and Shaggy Bear business logo


Our business logo


In Memory

Abby... Labrador Retriever... you were such a wonderful dog! So smart, loyal to your people and full of life.  I will greatly miss you and our brisk one mile power walks. 

Abigail... Independently sweet beagle.  You were a great wanderer.      


our Allie... a sweet & wonderfully devoted beagle. You took a piece of my heart.  We miss you


Annie... lab/Rotti mix.. Sweetie, Thanks for putting up with Bailey and me.


Bailey... A great hound dog.  I am so sorry you left us so sudden.  I miss you


Barrister... Maine Coon... Missing you  You were very independent while I was visiting.

Bear... Golden Retriever... You were very very sweet and very nice to be around.  Thanks for being gentle and not taking a finger when you took a treat.


Beethoven.... white Angora.... you were a beauty, such a lovely contrast between your white fur and dark eyes.


Bruno... short hair chihuahua And Gizmo ... shih-tzu mix... Buddies till the end.  You had a nice long life.  Will always miss you.


Buddy...yellow Lab/chow didn't want me to pet you, but had your way to draw me close. Miss you & Sandy


Buster... feral.. I miss seeing you come around to your porch.  Love and appreciate the way your mom and Dad care about hungry ferals. 

Casey... Tabby.. Will always miss you and how you loved your special food. 


Church.... Lab mix.. so sweet and gentle.  I am so glad to have known you. 


CP... Golden/Chow mix.. Thanks for trusting me big boy


Cuddles... Bichon Frise.. beautiful curls, forever nonstop walking. I will never forget our pose for the news photographer.

Cuddles ...DSH.. Thank you for tolerating all your nail clippings.  You are missed greatly.


Dewey... Maltese.. Sweet Dew you were full of wonderful energy and such fun to be around.

Dexter... Pomeranian.. You were so dear!  We will miss you greatly.

Dudley... Golden/Corgi.. a real fox.... Will never forget how you looked running out into your yard. 

Emily... Golden Retriever... Such a sweet girl.  We had lots of fun with the ball through your healthy years. Miss you!

Em2... Sheltie.. Emily you are greatly missed.  you were a gentle sweetheart. 


Ferashia... ChowChow.. did not get to know you well, but knew you were wonderful


Fire/Frisky... ferals.. by Lake ____ Miss your lovely faces.


Frank... lab/mix.. miss your curly head dearly


Frankie... special needs Maine coon.. Will always miss your loveliness


Freya... Rotti.. Your time has come, you were very strong willed.  I will miss you beautiful girl. 


Gambler... Newfoundland... So sorry, Losing you so young is a harder task to bear.  You are greatly missed


Gerry... Bungie.. miss your little song along side Maggie. you were a cute pair


Gilly... DSH.. left quietly into the woods the summer of 02.  You loved your woods.


Ginger... special needs dachshund.. so proud and strong, you reached the soul of many.

Gray...domestic short hair... so easily spooked by every noise...You loved hanging out on your porch day & night.

Harley... Shep mix... I miss you and driving over the river and through the woods to get to you.


Henry... black lab.. You were gone and I did not know for so long. Thanks for putting up with Elsie and me.


Hercule... Siamese mix... Dark beauty very shy

Jack... Maine Coon.... very friendly, had to sit down to visit with you.


Jeffi... DSH .. Couldn't get to know you.  You were just too scared and shy.

Jeni Lynn... black lab... Just as sweet as they come. You are with your friend Teri Ann


Jumpin Jax...DSH...  hopefully just missing, (fostered & returned) mothered six fine kittens in my mud room.  I hope someone nice found you.

Katie ..Sweet Pug.. I had so much fun watching you eat than patiently wait for Ching before you went back out to your yard. I will miss you greatly sweet girl. You knew that you were loved a lot by your family.

Katie...Darling beagle. Sadly missed. you were so very sweet. I know that you knew you were loved a lot and that helps


Kayla... a sweet beautiful boxer who I came to know very well.  

Kirby... Labrador/chow mix.  Miss watching your noble yellow body prance through your yard.  A true dog and friend.


Kiwi... DSH.. such a sweet kitty. You were tiny, but so huge on affection.

our Kiwi... red factor canary, You were off key but, we miss you still.

Our KooKoo... DSH Diabetes is such a dreadful disease. It took you away from us.  We will always miss you

Mango... You were very sweet & shy, but I got to know you well.

Marlee... Beautiful & sweet black Labrador Retriever... You suffer no more. We love and miss you greatly!

Max... West Highland Terrier.. You were a sweet little sugar pie.


Mic... Shih tzu.. Sweet little guy will miss seeing you roll around in the grass. 


Midge.. Little shy one, You trusted me and I am still honored.

Minuette... Siamese mix.  We had a great bond that got stronger while giving you a daily pill. Will miss your sweet nature.

Miss Babbs...  yellow Lab.. Silk and sunshine, so cool and quiet.


Molly.. black Labrador Retriever.. You received a lot of love and care from your favorite people for over 16 years.  I am so glad to have met you in your last year.


Mr. Wags...  Golden Retriever.. I will always remember your happy wag. 


Murphy... Bichon Frise..Cute & energetic we shared many days and nights together. Thanks for being good to your brother.


MyCroft... Mo the Red Florida Dog... such a beauty. I miss how you would snuggle & wipe your face on my shirt or pant leg.

Odin... Rotti.. one of the best gentle giants.  Met you toward the end of your life 


Penny... Border Collie... you hung in there mysteriously long.  Miss you Penny.  Your Mom & Dad are the greatest.


Phoenix... Golden sunshine, You WERE the Phoenix.


PJ... Pug... You were a joy through out your many years.  You will be missed PJ

Priss... Beautiful Himalayan...Your Mom called you The Grand Dame and you knew you were royalty. Miss you a lot

Prissi... Beautiful Blue Point Himalayan.... You didn't like to be touched, only briefly by your mom. I could get in a couple of pats only at your meal time.  I enjoyed you just the same...we had a few good play sessions. I will miss you greatly.


Pumpkin... Tabby.. spunky and full of life. Sorry Punkie one of nature's worst enemies took you.


Quincy... A very handsome Corgi mix.. You did very well for so long in spite of your injury.  You are at peace and with Dudley now.  You were so loving and tremendously dedicated.  You knew you were loved a lot.  I will always remember you and our many wonderful days and nights together. 


Reagan... handsome boy is missing. I hope you are with a very nice family. We miss you!

Roguett... Siberian Husky, red.. You were a beauty. I will miss you and our toss games.


Roscoe... a dynamic doberman.. I wasn't sure who was keeping who company during our many nights together... you were a great buddy.


Rosie... mix.. met you once & I will never forget your shy, sweet gentle nature.


Rusty... a real roamer and a great cat.  You left us in the yard that you loved.


Sable... Boston Terrier.. always super friendly, so well behaved and great fun.


Sanibel... Whippet.. You had a long and great life.  You were so well cared for. I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet you.


Sandy... Australlian Shepherd mix.. You were so sweet.. you hid from the thunder and lightning, but would eat your meals under the water bed without a problem.


Our Shaggy Bear... Standard Poodle/Chow mix.. You became a big part of our life.  We miss you greatly.


Shop Cat... And you made a better house cat.  Glad to have known you.


Shylar... Golden mix.. only saw photos of you.  Your time was too short with your new family.  So glad your Mom, Dad and Sarah could make your last days happy.  They miss you 

Simba... You could be mean but you were greatly loved.  We miss you.

Sissy... a sweet beautiful tabby who knew how to play in her day. We had fun.


Skye... Borzoi.. Beautiful Skye, You were very respectful, proud and loyal.  Sorry, wish I could have helped you more.


Tabby... Calico.. You hung in there for so long.


Tasha... Siberian Husky... You were beautiful and so very sweet.  I am so glad your mom took such good care of you.  You will be sadly missed for a long time.


Taz... Min Pin.. I enjoyed visiting with you girl... miss you 


Teri Ann... Mix.. I will always miss you and how we had to coax and trick you to go out side. 


Tombi... lovely and sweet with a mischievous twist. You must have loved life... you desperately wanted the freedom to explore.

Trevor-Rex...Beagle mix... I enjoyed our short time together.  You were such a good boy.

Tucker... Old English sheep dog.. You were one of my best walking partners and great company. 


Tucson... Golden Retriever.. You left us to be with Phoenix.  Will miss you sweetie. 


Willy... Borzoi.. Shocking surprise ... I didn't know you were in heaven. You were a beauty and you knew you were loved.


Wolfgang... Pitbull.. You were tough on the girls at mealtime, but they loved you anyway.  Will miss you Wolfie. 


Ziggy... White American Eskimo... Miss you a lot. Loved the way you bounded off my legs and zigzagged away


Never to be forgotten