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This is just the beginning. The cats are gonna have their page now!

Better watch our smoke, or fur, er...claws! Yeah! Claws!! That's it!

As you know, we provide the Purrfect Love. Come and visit with us, learn about us and you will love us too! So, what's not to love?



Please Support the Feral Cat Coalition. They Do Such Good Work With No Compensation. Well...? Click On Gretta (above) To Go To Their Site.

This is our latest baby....Our new Lil'Bit.

She has been abandoned at just a few weeks old,

mauled by a dog and brought back from the dead,

and attacked by dogs two more times,

but she still loves them and is such a little toughie.

We love her very much!

Bino Loves His Hat

Punkin and Tiger
These two sweet kitties were ours for approximately 10 years. It always seems too soon, when they go.


The Story of Lucky

Lucky was brought to me at work one morning (5:30 AM). I couldn't do anything with him there, so I snuck away from my desk about 6:00 AM and drove 10 miles home, fed him and put him in a bedroom with my two youngest cats, brother & sister, Bootsie and Bino. I zoomed home again at lunch to check on them. I know I must really seem like a sucker, the person who brought him to me KNEW that I wouldn't turn him away. But how could I? He had a totally deformed back leg and the cutest little face. Of course, I loved him immediately. And, gratefully, so did Bootsie and Bino.


Poor little Lucky, though, he just wasn't ever very stong. It was only about 3 months after we had had him neutered that I came home from work and found him dead. He hadn't really been sick, just not quite as active as young cats are. But, afterall, he was crippled. He used his knee somewhat, but he was essentially 3 legged. He was a happy little cat for the time we had him and at least he didn't get sick or have to suffer through anything other than a fairly fast demise. When I had left him in the morning, he appeared to be just fine. And he had been to the vet only 2 weeks prior.

Bootsie and Bino missed him and so did we.


Bino and Lucky

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Milo, Otis, Mo Green, Bootsie, Jonesy, and Cooter!

Buddies, Milo and Otis

Bootsie, Jonesy and Mo Green



Bootsie, Bino, LitteBit, Pookie and Punkin!


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Bootsie and Bino LittleBit, Pookie, Bino Punkin

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