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    Land of Trinalia Page

        The land of Trinalia is my setting for fantasy role-playing games. The world and its major characters have seen major changes under the campaigns that I have run. I believe in running a dynamic campaign in which the player's choices impact the flow of events in the world.
        I have been running games in Trinalia since the mid-80's. During that time, I have run FRPGs in Trinalia using both AD&D (originally under 1st edition, later 2nd edition and eventually using Player's Options) and Fantasy Hero.

    Coming REAL soon:

    • Updated house rules!
    • Trinalia Spells!
    • New Artwork!
    • The Dark Elves of Trinalia!
The Above image is a fair depiction of Prince Greyhawk's castle in Hawk's Cove (Image used by permission from Eric Knight Holbrook and obtained from his site at:
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About the Land of Trinalia
Campaigns in the Land of Trinalia
System Specific Notes: AD&D
System Specific Notes: Fantasy Hero
  • Hero System Rules for playing Trinalia campaign. (requires Hero System Rule Book, Fantasy Hero, and The Ultimate Martial Artist.) Includes conversions for AD&D material to the Hero System.
  • Hero System Spell Writeups for a variety of common low power spells.
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This page updated 25 August 1999.