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Net4TV Magick Studio


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These pages was last updated on March 25th, 2001, with major reconstruction updates to follow!!

Main Index

Hello and welcome to Net4TV Magick Studio Instructions:

These pages will constantly change and new things added as I learn more at Net4TV Magick Studio. Step Four & Decorate are still under construction but most of what you need to start your banner is here:

On the Banner page you can summit your banner and I'll be more than happy to place them on the page so others can see what can be accomplished at Net4TV Magick Studio.

Most of all when or if you have problems please e-mail me and I'll help you any way I can. Have Fun Making Your Banner!!!!

Main Index - When ever you feel you are lost with-in these pages just push Main Index on sidebar and you will return back to this Main Index Page. This also serves as a guide to what's on each additional pages.

Step One - This page will instruct the beginning of the process on how to make the background banner. Such as:
Resize and Annotate which is text writing while your still there with the freshly made background banner before you transload to your account to continue putting images on.

Step Two - Step two shows how to resize your flowers or images that you want to place inside the banner. Also further instructions for making the images match.

Step Three - If you don't want to use the fonts at Net4TV Magick Studio here are instructions on how and where to make your own designed text to go inside your banner.

Step Four - Combine - This is actually the instructions on how to put each image and text on your background banner. This page is not completed as of yet but you can get a good idea on how to combine.

- This is your final step to making that beautiful banner. FINAL SIZING - Sunken or Raise to look Beveled - Frames - Borders. This page is under construction.

Banners - Take a look at some banners that have been made through these instructions already.

I was taking add-ons for banners but at this time the form doesn't work since our newest upgrade. Also, I'm far behind on placing banner's on here from people already that have sent their add-on. Thank you for your patience. I hope to have everyone's banner on here soon and a new summit form so you may add your own banner that you made......K. Ellsworth!!!!


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