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If you want to make an opinion about an episode or the general plot, you can do it here. By the way, which is your fave episode?.

Episodes and Plot

1. Here's what I say:
About the General Plot of the show, I think there are many "Sub-plots" or episodes types, here's my list:

A. Episodes about changes or defeating fears:
These episodes have their main theme around an important event in everybodie's life (like going to the potty, or leaving the bottle, etc.) Ex. "Chuckie vs The Potty", "Weaning Tommy", "Angelica´s Birthday", "Down the Drain".

B. Episodes featuring an Angelica's lie or abuse, or even a bad suggestion:
On this episodes the Rugrats have a really hard time... Until they discover that Angelica is cheating or lying to them. Ex. "Rhinoceritis", "Spike the Wonder Dog", "Tommy and the Secret Club".

C. Episodes where the main part is imagination:
This episodes are about an adventure, but this is just imaginated. Ex "Destination: Moon", "The Blizzard", "Mega Diaper Babies", "What the big people do".

D: Episodes where the babies make caos in a public enviroment or make the "Grown ups" pass through a hard situation, Ex: "Ruthless Tommy", "Waiter, there´s a baby on my soup", "Baseball", "The Bank Trick", etc.

E. Episodes which feature a fight between friends, Ex: "Farewell, my friend", "The Odd Couple", "Family Feud".

F. Episodes about problems with brothers or sisters, Ex. "Twin pique", "Unfair Pair", "Angelica's worst Nightmare" and of course "The Rugrats Movie".

G. Episodes where the main part is about the grown ups.

7. Casey Gilbert has another category: When two characters have a crush on each otherEx: Angelica in Love, He saw , she saw , Cradle Attraction

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Unfair Pair

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