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1. Here's something I call:

* The Rugrats Antecesors.

I know that Rugrats is an idea made by KC, based on a 1 year old baby named Jason. But, I've found 2 examples of what could be the Rugrats Antecesors:

* Muppet Babies: This is a bunch of "babies" who play and have a lot of adventures, using their imagination. (just like some Rugrats episodes).

* Look Who's Talking: This picture shows the adult world, from the point of view of a baby. Also the babies "talk" between them without been noticed by their parents.

There's also a sucessor:
* Baby's Day Out: On this picture a baby who was kidnapped, makes his robbers  have a really bad time. (It sounds like Ruthless Tommy, isn't it?).

2. I don´t know you, but I've always wondered why cartoons are always so strange with the time.
Rugrats also has this characteristic. Lately, in other sites and in the Usenet, I found that people find strange the fact that after 9 months, the babies didn´t age a bit (this is on the movie). Well, they are cartoons, they can be babies forever!. But, after seeing this list, you'll find that the Rugrats are older than they seem to be.

3. Also, this page is open for new info you want to share with other people, like the new episodes. If you have more info, click here.

4. And, creative minds: This page is waiting for your stories, drawings, etc.!!

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