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Don’t blame me - I’m only adding them to the page... 8^D

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The following tests your mouse for click accuracy. Drag the moon and star over to the smiley face.

*Stop farting around and get on with your work! 8^D

Breast Cancer Awareness

This is a cute way to send "the" message!  There is a serious message 
at the end, but you get to laugh on the way to it!

Finally, here's something other than smiley faces.....

Perfect breasts (o)(o)

Fake silicone breasts ( + )( + )

Perky breasts (*)(*)

Big nipple breasts (@)(@)

A cups o o

D cups { O }{ O }

Wonder bra breasts (oYo)

Cold breasts ( ^ )( ^ )

Lopsided breasts (o)(O)

Pierced Nipple Breasts (Q)(O)

Hanging Tassels Breasts (p)(p)

Grandma's Breasts \ o /\ o /

Against The Shower Door Breasts ( )( )

Android Breasts | o | | o |

Martha Stewart's Breasts (,)(,)

Mammogramed Breasts ___ ___

And God created woman, and she had 3 breasts.  
She then asked the woman, "Is there anything you'd like to have 
She replied, "Yes, could you get rid of this middle breast?" And so it 
was done, and it was good. Then the woman exclaimed as she was holding 
the third breast in her hand, "What can be done with this useless 
And God created man.

Mail this to 13 other females. :o) Now, don't break the chain!!!! One 
female broke the chain, her plumbing became so bad, she now has an 

OK Girls -- now that you have had your laugh, remember... Breast Cancer 
Awareness...go have those boobs checked out and stay healthy!

Created on ... September 28, 2003