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“Xena Role Play” Characters Page

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Welcome to the Character page.... Choose from the following links...

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All right! More to play with! Hi Jennifer. My name is Fiona and I play Cyrene and Aphrodite. My husband Rob is on the group and plays Autolycus and two characters he made up, the brothers Eoman and Brendan.

Hi Jen, I do Kha and Sennedjem, the resident Egyptians, and glad t o see you back!

Hey guys, I am introducing myself as Minya. I hope I can do her character justice she's a bit of a clown and goof ball she is probably more like me than I would like to admit. I better get a whip so I can really get into character I might even chase Diana around the house with it,,,hehehe although she might like it I'd be taking a chance on that one,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh heck why not:}

Greetings Jennifer, I'm Alex and I play Alexandra. My character is a bit complex to explain since I created her. But her discription is on the Xena Role Play web page. Also I have been reposting my first story, "Life Is the Pits", which is an introduction to my character. Glad to meet you. Alex

I am Sonya aka AngelaDust... a character that is a work-in-progress, and of course, one that is completely made up. I found my way onto the list through Xena, who has been my friend, and my rock for many many years. So welcome.... to a great family.

Created on ... September 28, 2003

Created on ... September 28, 2003