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“Xena Role Play” Characters Xena

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"You like
picking on women
so much?

Try ME!"

Look at the cute lil Chakrams I made! ^-^

Whatta sword!
The title character of the Role Play,
Xena is a woman warrior with a dark past who seeks a redemption she may never allow herself.

Heya beautiful!
She travels the Known World with her partner Gabrielle, and in our RP group there is no ambiguousness about their relationship...they are soul mates and lovers. Each would give their life for the other in a heartbeat and only feel at home with the other by their side. Each woman balances the other with love and understanding and are destined to be together for Eternity.
Aren't they a cute couple?

Xena's strong point is (of course) fighting.

She has unusual pressure point techniques she uses and is capable of cutting off the flow of blood to any body part and restoring the flow as she wishes (or not, as the case may be). She also wields a chakram (an ancient Middle Eastern circular bladed weapon that can be seen thataway ---->) and can throw it for great distances, ricocheting it off of objects so that it always returns to her hand. She is also a master of the sword and rarely is defeated in a fair fight. Her distinctive war cry is an ululating sound created at the back of her throat. It's one of her "calling cards".
Mess with her? I think NOT

Better watch out for jealous bards Auto! Those staffs hurt
Xena is a fierce fighter, but a loyal friend. She is not quick to give you her trust and once it
is earned it is there for life.... unless she is betrayed and then all bets are off. She has "issues" about betrayal. *g*

Her best friend besides Gabrielle is her faithful steed Argo... a Palomino mare of unknown breeding but exceptional loyalty and intelligence.
Xena's other baby

Look at the cute lil Chakrams I made! ^-^

For those of you out there with warped senses of humour and Star Wars fans to boot, here's my favourite SW humour site: www.starwarsspoofs.com

Each area of the map has different spoofs (each spoof is a very short but very funny cartoon "inspired" by one of the movies). Some area (like Hoth and Tatooine) have several spoofs availiable, so be sure to move your cursor all around the page to make sure you've sen all of the spoofs).

So far my favs are the Tauntaun one and the Wampa one, although Bespin is a VERY close second! ROFL!

Created on ... October 14th, 2003