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“Xena Role Play” Characters Callisto

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Sometimes the past can sneak up and bite you in the ass...hard.

When Xena's army attacked a small and sleepy little village named Cirra, the only meant to raid it for supplies. However, somehow (nobody knows exactly how) a fire got started and swept though the town quickly and devastatingly.
There were very few survivors.

One of those survivors was a young girl named Callisto. All of her family was killed in that raid...everything and everyone she ever loved or cared for...gone in an instant of fiery death. She didn't even cry, the pain was so deep and so complete...so paralyzing.

Later she would say her soul died that day, to be replaced with one thought and one mission in life; to make Xena pay for her family's death..for the loss of her innocence and sense of safety...for her loss of happiness and joy.

She trained for many years to emerge a warrior of the same level of skill as Xena herself. She first met Xena as she impersonated her, trying to draw her out by killing in Xena's name and trying to revive her reputation as a murderous warlord.

Xena eventually won that first battle with Callisto and sent her off to Prison...but the blonde warrior escaped to live to fight another day. Lived to seek vengeance against Xena.

Although her hatred of the Warrior Princess is complete, there are also feelings of respect and even (some say) attraction buried deep inside of Callisto.

She comes in and out of Xena and Gabrielle's lives periodically, always bringing pain and rage with her...always a fire she can never put out...just like the fire that destroyed Cirra...and her soul.

Created on ... October 16th, 2003