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“Xena Role Play” Characters Lysander

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Autolycus is probably one of the most charismatic and dashing men in the Xenaverse. Errol Flynn type good looks and a roguish yet warm hearted personality (but don't let him know that we know that!) makes Autolycus a memorable man indeed!

The King of Thieves first met the Warrior Princess when he was asked to help retrieve an important object which had been stolen. Who better to steal it back for it's rightful owners than The King of Thieves?

It took a bit of convincing on Xena and Gabrielle's part to open Autolycus' eyes to the joys of doing good deeds without profit, but he eventually gave in to their reasoning and did indeed help them get the stolen artifact back to it's rightful owners...he even forewent his reward and ended up giving the villagers back their reward money. Of course, if you ask him about this he'll deny it and say he forgot it hanging on the back of their wagon...but we know better. Autolycus

As Gabrielle once told him, “You may be a thief but you have a heart of gold.”

Truer words were never spoken.

Created on ... October 16th, 2003