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24 Aug 2000

What's New?


It is time for you to find the right games, the kind that dog lovers like! Now you can take your chance in trying out our lucky winning award games. At our "Dog-e-Game" page you can find many kinds of guessing games, riddles, puzzles etc, and also you can win our "Dog-e-Game Award". (Click Here)

We have added some pages to our site all about dog intelligent and dog behavior. At that page you will be able to find information about how to handle dog behavior problems, what causes them and how to avoid them. Also it will count tests for you to test your dog's intelligent, haven't you ever wondered if you really do have the smartest dog in the world ? (Click Here)

Are you tired of displaying banners on your page that lead far and away from the doggie subjects? Now you can add your self to our BannerExchange and all you need is a site and a banner! (Click Here)

How many times did you hear those usual songs? It's time to start a new music age! Now you can find your favorite song with the new re-written lyrics, all from the dog's point of view! Interested? (Click Here)

Coming Soon!

We are waiting for your ideas... :)



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