I'm forgiven because You were forsaken,

I'm accepted, You were condemned,

I'm alive and well Your spirit is within me

Because you died and rose again.


  Amazing love, how can it be

That You my King would die for me?

Amazing love, I know it's true,

And it's my joy to honor You,

In all I do, I'll honor You


  You are my King, Jesus, You are my King

  Written by
Billy James Foote



  I began this page after reading from my Bible,

Revelation Chapter 2 verse 4

"Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee,
For thou hast left thy First Love".

This was written to the church of Ephesus,
one of seven churches mentioned in Revelation.

The letter goes on to mention how the Ephesians
were good in their Works and Labour,
and that they were true in Patience etc.

But that they had left their First Love.

First Love.

You remember, remember how amazed you were?
Remember the feeling you had when you first
realized how much our LORD loves us?

Remember the Joy in your heart the
day you accepted the Lord as your Savior?

Remember the exuburance you felt as you shared
the Good News with friends and loved ones?

Do you recall the overwhelming need to relay
to others the Love you had accepted?
And your almost unstoppable willingness
to share this love with them?

When going to church on Sunday, Or Bible study
on a given night, was exciting not expected?

How a New Love had opened our eyes,
and we embraced it as a Child would embrace
his or her parents after being Lost?

This is the First Love,
And I pray that it will always dwell within you.


God Bless you,



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