Cold Nordic Winds


  Cold Nordic winds blowing fierce and near,

But the thing that keeps striking my heart is fear,

For the time that is lost and the memories of,

The warm mellow kindness of your love.  

The snow's blowing hard now, and nothing seems right

Off in the distance glows a single shining light

Which will show me the way to your side once again,

So the feeling which was ours will reign through
and maybe then

We will see that all's not lost, And together we may grow,

Like these icy ripping winds and the mounting glistening snow

But the path to your side is not an easy thing to find,

From the inner sanctuary of a young man's frozen mind.

Though I must keep on trying,

I know I'm sure to make it through,

With the power in my heart

Of warm memories and you.  


By Mox  






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