There once was a lad named Patrick
Whose years were seventeen
A yankee true, but people knew
His blood ran Irish green

He was a lad of action,
Of visions and of dreams
With vigor and of courage,
He was bursting at the seams

When in his sleep one night he heard
A voice from o'er the sea
"Pat me lad you'd better had
Incline your ears to me,
As sure as I'm your ancestor
Your dreams will all come true,
If you just abide by this advice
That I give to you

Make the courage of St. Patrick
And the Shamrocks luck your own,
Let Sinn fein be your motto
It means you stand alone,
Sure the road is long and rocky
And your fortunes may be lean,
But a million more will follow
In the spirit of the green"

So here's to the lad named Patrick
Who did as he was told,
And helped to build America
Like the patriots of old
With alarm he saw it waning,
The spirit he loved so,
Men who'd stand on their own two feet
And make a country grow

He helped to rid the land
Of all it's soft complacent ways,
Like Ireland's Patron Saint
Drove out the snakes in early days

So Let's salute 'Ol Erin
And those who wear the green
And that native son
Who heard that voice,
When he was seventeen

I do not remember when or where
I first heard this particular poem,
I do know that it has been
etched into my memory
for many, many years.



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