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*Disclaimer:* Please bear with the pictures if they look a If there seems to be quite a bit of red with the Salomé pictures, that's due to 1) the red lighting wash we used for a good part of the show and which I think was accidentally left on during the shoot and 2) whoever initially developed these photographs apparently thought the red-wash motif something terribly exciting, and so aided the pictures to discovering their true incarnadine potential. In my attempts to digitally rectify this, the quality of the photograph has, at times, been lost.

If you're looking for the Anathan Song...*snicker* here.

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Salomé Photographs

The Full Cast and Crew (Yes, that's rumpled me with the cup, and yes, that's Herodias with The Head.)

Costume Shots: Jokanaan (John the Baptist)

The Cappadocian with Guards 1 & 2

The Slave, the Page and the Young Syrian (Narraboth)

Costume Shot: Herodias, Salomé and Herod

Narraboth greets Salomé

Salomé: "Suffer me to touch thy body, Jokanaan"

Salomé: "Thy hair is blacker than the ceders of Lebanon."

Salomé: "Suffer me to kiss thy mouth."
Narraboth: "Princess, look not at this man!"
Jokanaan: "Never, daughter of Babylon. Never."

Page: "The Young Syrian has slain himself!"

Jokanaan: "Daughter of Herodias, there is but One who can save thee, and it is Him of whom I spake."

The Page and the Guards mourn the passing of their Captain.

Herod: "Where is Salomé? Where is the Princess! Why did she not return to the feast as I commanded her! Ah...there she is."

Herod: "Bite but a little of this fruit, so that I may eat the rest."
Salomé: "I am not hungry, Tetrarch."

Herodias seduces the Cappadocian to revenge herself on Herod.

Herod: "I say thou art barren."

Jokanaan: "He shall be seated on his throne. He shall be clothed in scarlet and purple. And in his hand, a golden cup full...of his blasphemies!"

O! Fortuna! Salomé begins her dance.

Salomé: "I demand the head of Jokanaan!"

Herod: "The head of a man that is cut from his body is vile to look upon. Thou canst take no pleasure in that."

Jokanaan forgives his executioner.

Salomé: "What shall I do now, Jokanaan?"

Salomé: "I have kissed thy mouth, Jokanaan! I have kissed thy mouth!"
Herod: "Kill that woman!"

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Costume Renderings

Below are original renderings (yes, they're done in crayon, but they're only supposed to be a sort of detailed impression - this was a student project, after all) for Salomé. For the costume shot itself, see the first few pictures.

The Cappadocian

Guard 1

Guard 2



The Young Syrian


Salomé (Good)



Salomé (Bad)




French Butler Photographs

The *snicker* Anathan Song

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