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Last Update: September, 2006

If you have any questions about one of my barbies, please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail!


On this page are my barbie collectibles. Here you can find pictures of them and also I've placed some original pictures from them in their box on this site. They are all NRFB. This site is regularly been updated, so please check from time to time to see my new barbies that I've added. If you want to be informed about the newest barbiedolls and updates about this website, please subscribe to join my mailing list.



Wind Rider


Inspired by the spirit of the Native American world and the glory of the eagle, Wind Rider Barbie doll represents a woman who walks reverently through sacred land full of ancestral wisdom. Wind Rider Barbie doll wears a costume designed exclusively for the ModelMuse doll body, created by designer Sharon Zuckerman. She is NRFB, gold label and only 5.400 barbies are made.


Gala 40th Anniversary
Bumblebee Barbie


The Gala Bumblebee Barbie is an exclusive of the Mattel Official Barbie Collector's Club and was only available to club members. Limited to 20,000 worldwide. Designed as a very special keepsake, Barbie is dressed in aquamarine, the color of her birthstone. The beautiful golden bumblebee on Barbie doll's shoulder serves as a reminder that anything is possible. From an aerodynamic viewpoint, bees shouldn't be able to fly - yet they do. This bumblebee serves as a symbol of achieving dreams and overcoming obstacles. Through Barbie, girls can see that they can be anything they want to be! She is NRFB and her box is in mint condition.


Golden Anniversary barbie


Golden Anniversary Barbie doll helps celebrate the 50th anniversary of Toys "R" Us. She wears a red AIDS ribbon attached to her bodice. The barbie is NRFB comes with certificate in a perfect box. She is a limited edition from 1998 and very hard to find these days!!!


Queen of Sapphires


The second glorious doll in the Royal Jewels Collection. This barbie is a limited edition from 2000 and adorned in extravagant diamond and sapphire-colored Swarovski crystals. She is NRFB and in mint condition. 


Countess of Rubies


The countess of Rubies wear ruby-hued Swarovski crystals set in her tiara, necklace and earrings. She is NRFB and het box is in perfect condition. The barbies has her COA and is a limited edition from 2001.


Hard Rock Cafe
Barbie #2


The second Hard Rock Cafe Barbie doll wears a bold black faux leather mini skirt and lace up tank top. She is a very limited edition and already sold out at Mattel. She is not as limited as the first Hard Rock barbie, but she is quite popular among collectors, so I think her price will go up in the next year.

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Reflections of Light (Renoir)


Encouraged by the soft tonal palette of artist Pierre Auguste Renoir, this third doll in a series inspired by great artists seems to belong in the Louvre, itself. She is NRFB and in perfect condition. I really love her dress, though I have to admit that I think the Waterlily is the most beautiful in this series.