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Last update: September, 2006

Rhapsody in New York


This barbie is a barbie fan club exclusive from 2006. She is a gold label and wears two tiers of large ruffles that complete the dress, masterfully crafted out of dramatic iridescent purple taffeta by designer Anna Choi.


Aqua Barbie 2001


Second in a series that celebrates the first decade of the new millennium, Barbie doll looks magnificent in a dazzling organza gown and “2001” tiara. She is NRFB and her box is in perfect condition.


Goddess of Spring


Goddess of Spring Barbie doll captures the essence of ancient Greek and Roman mythology. She is a limited edition from 2000. She is in mint condition and has her COA.


Byron Lars: Plum Royale


This is the second doll in the Runway Collection of Byron Lars. She is NRFB and is a limited edition from 1999. I was very happy to find one of these because this one is very hard to find these days!! Also her box is in perfect condition.