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Dear Barbiefans,
I am sorry that it took so long to update my page. It is still under construction, but I am working on it. This weekend's Barbie Convention was my last for some time. I am going backpacking in Australia because I finally graduated. Of course I will keep checking my mail regularly for any questions!
Cheers Aeja


Welcome to my Barbie Site!!!!

My name is Aeja and I collect barbies since several years. It all began when I bought a beautiful barbie in a little barbie shop. I had never seen that barbie before, and as it turned out there were a lot of those beautiful barbies you seldom see in a normal toyshop. I had never known that there were special collectible barbies, but now I knew, a whole new world opened up for me. Since that day, collecting barbies is one of my favourite hobbies. It is a hobby for young and old, remember you are never too old for barbies!! Too bad that it's such an expensive hobby. On this site you will see some barbies from my collection. Also there are some links to other beautiful barbiesites. If you're interested for a special barbie, please don't hessitate to ask, because not all of my barbies are on this site. If you're interested in one of my barbies please e-mail me at:

Have fun!!!

Love Aeja


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This site is regularly been updated. So please check from time to time to watch my new barbie! 

           You can contact me at the following address: