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Some time ago, I heard about OOAK barbies, which means One Of A Kind barbies. I got interested and after some surfing over the web I knew that I discovered a new hobby. 

          Galaxy's Empress


This gorgeous  ooak barbie is made by rjbour or also known as Joe Bourland, who has won many prizes already. She comes with stand and COA and her clothers are not removable.


Elizabeth I


This doll has won an BMAA award in 2003.
The artist has tried to reproduce the 16th century dress. This dress's feature is showing beautiful sleeve's lining. The inner sleeves have red criss-cross pattern as well as the skirt, and golden frill is attached around the wrists. The front skirt is made with ivory satin which has the appliqué of red criss-cross ribbon, and the ribbon is decorated with a golden bead to the center of criss-cross. The garnet color ornament is beautifully hanging from the bodice. The ornaments are the same on each corner of the over-skirt. The red pomander, which is attached with golden bead string, is hanging from the west; in her case, a red porcelain bead has been reproduced for the red enamel. The dress is a black velour. Her accessories are a combination of garnet color crystal and rhinestones. The original doll was Princess of Island. Her hair is re-rooted and original facial paint was removed and repainted.





Kehpri is an OOAK from the well-known artist Aleksandra Bryla. She comes with COA and box.


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