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The Audience - Add Your Thoughts


If you would like to include your thoughts on the show, either as a result of attending the Donmar Warehouse, or the Haymarket, or from watching the video or DVD, we would be pleased to include them here.  Please either fill in the Quickmailer form below, or e-mail Debbie at deborahnorris@blueyonder.co.uk.

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Your Reaction:

Rose-Marie Gazagnaire
Marseilles, France

'Alone Together' is a gem given to us by three wonderfully talented jewellers, Jonathan, Jason and of course Michael. It was eternity in a heartbeat, sheer happiness...I still can't get the songs out of my head, and what I saw on stage out of my heart...I fell deeply, 'head over heels in love' with the show. Bless your heart Michael, for having livened my spirits up with that precious gift. Thank you.

Rose-Marie xxx
3 January 2002

Becky Gentry
Ohio, USA

I've watched the video numerous times and with each viewing find something else to marvel at.  I wasn't fortunate enough to see Michael in person, but know the video shows us a very gifted, talented man.

I agree with Barbara's story synopsis, but feel that the song "Where or When" is the song to the audience.  He knows he's been there so many times, on stage, that he can't remember exactly where or when, but knows that "we've stood and talked like this before, We looked at each other in the same way then, But I can't remember where or when...  I also feel the song "Little Pal" is from the father whereas "The Man That Got Away" is the mother's song.  That's why the performer steps out of the spotlight. This song isn't about him but his mother.  Also I think the songs "If You Were the Only Girl in the World" and "I Say a Little Prayer" are the son's songs to his mother.  I think any child who sees a parent, especially the mother, go through an abusive relationship with the father, tends to be very protective of the mother and feels that they are the only two in the world.  He, the child in this case, wants to comfort the mother and show that he will always be there for her, unlike the father.  However, the mother dies, either from illness or a broken heart, and the son is left alone.  His bitterness shows in the John Lennon lyrics, "I wanted you but you didn't want me..."  The mother apparently was so comsumed with her lost relationship that she doesn't have time for the son.  This usually makes the child  even more determined to protect the mother from any further hurt.

Michael's performance is more that brilliant, it's all-inspiring, gut-wrenching, and thought provoking.  I don't know of any other artist who could have carried this performance off given the limitations of piano only, no safety net, and raw emotions.  To say this is a job well done is definitely an understatement.

Becky Gentry
5 January 2002
 Helena Weaver
Troy, NY USA

Wonderful site on Michael and Donmar.  I wasn't able to go to Donmar but I have the video and it is mezmerizing!  I watched it as soon as I received it from Discount and then watched it again. Now every time I watch it, I discover something new that I missed.  He is truly remarkable and I am proud to be in his fan club and own everything I can get my hands on that is Michael's.

You are to be congratulated on a wonderful and informative site.  I will be back!

Helena Weaver
9 January 2002

Odessa, Texas

Well, I just recieved Alone Together two days ago and have watched it twice since then.  Michael Ball is undoubtedly my favorite singer, and this video has laid that fact in cement forever.  He is such a versatile and wonderful talent that he can be heartwrenching and uplifting within a span of minutes.  This wonderfully charming man reveals his soul to us through another character.  We find out just how much he loves his work, and just how great he can be.  I admire him for his courage and the easygoing manner in which he executed the entire affair.  It takes a lot of class to pull off such a splendid show, and Michael has done it here just as he has many times before.  This is a topper for him, I think.  I doubt his talent could ever be challenged.  He is truly one of a kind and holds a special place in all of our hearts.  He shows me and all of his fans that he is just a man, trying to make a living in a very trying business.  Well, he has definitely done that and more.

He has brought to the world such a priceless gift.  I will never have enough words to express my unending gratitude to this man.  Everything about him is just wonderful.  He is too great for words.  We love you Michael!

17 January 2002

Dawn Yang

I never imagined that I would see a show like this, an artist, on a bare stage with hard wood floor and raw stone wall, accompanied by just a piano, telling the story of a life through songs, and only songs.

I never thought I would be emotionally walloped again after all the feelings that Michael already brought to me. I probably should not say “again”, although this time it is the same Michael Ball, it is different, this time the feelings are far more complex, stronger and deeper.

I could never thank Michael enough for his courage to bring up such a show, not only the courage for breaking up the safety net by singing all and only by his voice, but also the courage of exposing his inner world and baring his soul to the audience.

I could never regret myself enough for not being in the audience. Although I have this DVD, I know it’s impossible to catch the atmosphere of the live show, and nothing would be comparable to watching Michael performing this show live.

Michael, we all know why you sang “After the Ball” to end the show. We all appreciate you choosing to sing it with just your voice, no piano, even this was after such exhaustions and exhilarations.

“Many a heart is aching if you could read them all.
Many the fears that have vanished after the BALL”.

When your pure and beautiful voice reached every corner of Donmar, this was the most meaningful moment of the show.

What you have given us is a lifetime experience. What you have left us is reflections on our own lives. What you might not know is that you have touched so many souls, and life is never the same.

Dawn Yang
21 January 2002
Chris Hutchings

The more I watch this video the more I find. I went to the Donmar twice and thought this was the best thing that Michael had done. I have watched the video 3 times so far and again and again it just knocks you sideways. The passion and the raw emotion takes your breath away. Sadly, I am sure we will not see the like of this again from Michael.

Chris Hutchings
21 January 2002
Katy Jones

This amazing show truly overwhelms my ability to properly verbalize my reactions.  It is an emotional powerhouse, acted and sung by a talent powerhouse. It is utterly spellbinding, and brings me to laughter, awe and tears every time I watch it.  I will always regret not being in that audience, and I will always be so grateful for the video!

I believe this show could have been brilliant no matter who the performer was, if it was done well, but I'm so glad it was Michael, as I can't really envision anyone else doing it the justice it deserved.

And what a wonderful vehicle it was to showcase Michael's vast talents.  A perfect match!  Nothing has ever made me feel *nearly* so proud to call myself a Michael Ball fan as this show.

A huge thanks to Michael for doing this brave, brilliant thing, and to the site administrators for creating this excellent tribute to a meteoric show, which streaked by far too fast!

Katy Jones
26 January 2002
Donna Kelly

I think this is an amazing show..Michaels' peformance and Jason Carr at piano and the lighting ...very impressed.  I can't stop watching Michael perform and can't seem to stop going back to forum* to see what new has been added.  This show has so many layers to it.  Thanks for this site Debbie.

Donna Kelly
1 February 2002
*NB An edited version of the MBFC Forum Discussion to be added to the site soon.
Sandra Pinkman

I wasn't lucky enough to be able to see Michael live at the Donmar, but have watched the video several times.  At first I wasn't sure, but after watching it again and again, I'm beginning to understand where Michael is coming from with this and it has totally blown me away.

Michael was very brave to do something like this and I think that it just goes to show the depths of Michael's own character, to believe in himself that he doesn't need big theatres, backing vocalists, a band and orchestra with him all the time.  I hope he does something like this again.  I also hope that I will be able to see it live sometime - not just on video.

PS: what a terrific site.

14 February 2002

Joan Walsh

Wonderful site. Michael Ball has so much talent. I would love to share Alone Together with everyone I know.  No takers.   Nice to know someone else cares.

Joan Walsh
16 March 2002

Sue Rogers

'Alone Together' that is the feeling you had sitting in the 'Donmar' transfixed in the story Michael was telling through song, it was brilliant.I have watched my DVD so many times and see or feel something new each time.I feel so fortunate to have been able to see the show 'live' and have the memory with me forever. Congratulations on a great site.

Sue Rogers
16 March 2002

Becky Gentry

I've watched the video numerous times and just can't get enough of this show! I will forever regret that I wan't in the audience for those 12 performances. Twelve performances...one show...so much meaning in that 90 minutes. Thank you Mr. Michael Ball for giving us a superb performance, and fodder to fuel our imaginations. We will and have been discussing this show for months!!

Now, I want to add an observation, strictly a personal one. But have you noticed that at the end of each act, he has a song which uses his last name as part of the lyrics? "Is That All There Is?" tells us to "keep on dancing, let's break out the booze and have a BALL!" It's the way he emphasizes BALL that I find interesting. Also in the last number, "After the BALL is Over". This is a little more obvious I think that the first song. But in each song, in a way, he is patting himself on the back. Just a little. Telling himself he's done well. I really can't explain it, but I get that impression. And why shouldn't he congratulate himself! He's done something marvelous and completely different, and as he said, without the safety net of an orchestra, backup singers, etc. AND HE PULLED IT OFF!! It was a complete success (of course his fans knew it would be!!) Here is a man who always gives thanks and praise to his supporting players - the band, the singers, the audience, the producers, etc. It's about time he heaped a little praise on himself. Let's face it...he bloody well deserves it!!

(See also Becky's earlier entry above)

Becky Gentry
18 March 2002

Marie Thomson

I had the pleasure of being in the audience for one of these shows.My only regret is that it was only one of the shows I saw.

I was completely gobsmacked by it.... it's the only word I can think of to describe it.
Padam Padam is so powerful and the unique way The man that got away and There's no business like showbusiness are  performed make the songs seem fresh and new.

The Medley at the begining of act two was a stunning thing to see live.  This act contained some material I hadn't heard before....  I didn't know it then but I sure do now.

Michael proved that he is every inch the brilliant performer I always knew he was.  I have had the video
since it's release last year and now several months on I'm still viewing it twice a week.....at least!!

Jonathan Butterell, Jason Carr and Michael produced a brilliant show between them and I'm very very glad I saw it.

Marie Thomson
5 April 2002
Carol Trigg

I was lucky to get tickets at the last minute for the show at the Donmar.

I was completely blown away. I think it was the best thing Michael has done. I was sitting next to a gentleman who worked in the theatre and we got talking in the interval and he too as somebody else stated was gobsmacked. He had only gone with his secretary as a birthday present for he  (what a wonderful boss) but he said he was totally won over by Michaels talent and his vocal range. He explained different things for me to look for the second half and everytime I watch the show I see diffent things. So thank you Michael for taking the courage to try something so diffent from your usual shows you came up with a real winner.

Carol Trigg
26 December 2002

Judy Silan

I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I did.  I was "warned" that this was not his usual stuff and that some people didn't like it.  BUT I watched it and was totally amazed at his performance.  He is a gifted actor, a fabulous singer and when the two are combined, it's just magic.

Judy Silan
11 January 2003


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