Michael Ball - alone together

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In Concert

During the last couple of years, Michael has performed Padam and Life on Mars in concert several times,  taking the opportunity to look back on his Donmar show.  Both songs have had a tremendous reception by these larger audiences.  Michael's voice, backed with his regular band, rather than just a piano, gives the songs a quite different feel.  Padam was given a strong brass arrangement, and lighting effects provided a cobbled street on the stage floor - all very Piaf!

In concerts at the London Palladium (ROC concert, 1 September 2002), the Royal Opera House (28 December 2003), and the Musicals on a Summer Evening Series (July, August 2004), Jason Carr joined Michael to perform the medley from alone together.  At the Palladium, the safety curtain was drawn down in front of the band, and an upright piano was pushed on to the front of the stage.  Almost a year on, and with little opportunity for rehearsal for Michael, they recreated the medley perfectly.  For these showbusiness songs, Michael donned a suitably glitzy jacket.  Here are a few photographs from that concert, all taken by Sue Wilde.



More photos soon to come, from Jeana Edwards and Cathie Roberts

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