Heather's Drawing of the Month Presents:

Drawing of the Month for June 2001!

This is my group picture of Shonen Chikara, a manga that we are doing. It's starting very soon, so please stay tuned for more information. Anyway, the person in the upper left corner is Dykeisii Kimoko, or Kei. The person below Kei, kind of small and constipated looking, is Setsuna Kiitai. The one who looks oddly high (profile view) is Dorian, and the very squishy person in the lower right corner is Yorhana Shinja. They're the main characters from the manga, and you'll see a LOT of them! They're all pretty weird, so be ready for odd senses of humor (which are, ever so mysteriously, similar to ours... hhehe)... and if you've read any of our reviews, you'll know EXACTLY what I mean by ODD senses of humor. ^_^

Questions or comments on my Shonen Chikara peoples? Please send them to me at either my email address or our email address.

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