Megan's Drawing of the Month Presents:

Drawing of the Month for October 2001

This is Xen. (shane) He is floating over a grave, and no, it's not his. If you read the headstone, it is Kein, aged ____ years. (cane) No one knows who that is, but Xen is not pleased that the grave is one, empty, (hence the deep pit) and two, it is raining, dark, and the grass hasn't been mowed for many, many years. ^_^ Email me if you want to know any more about this story of mine!! (please? Some one has GOT to be interested. . . oh, poopie)

Email me or something. Tell me I suck. I don't care. ME! TELL ME STUFF!! Hmm. . . if you steal. . . I'll shoot you with laser guns, poke you many times in the groin with a sharp object and rip on your ears.

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