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    Welcome to the Developer's Corner.  Here I will post a few things that I use to help me in the design process.

    I have created a few Word Documents to help me keep things in order while I am trying to get things worked out.  

    Form Design Template 1

    This is a simple page consisting of fields for Program Name, Date, Version and Creator ID.  Also, there are 4 large boxes designed to resemble a PDA form.  Here I use a pencil to simply draw in the buttons, fields and other items I need on the form.  This is great as I can erase and re-draw all I want.  There is a box space set at the bottom of the 4 forms that I use because I always have a series of buttons at the bottom of all my programs.  If you don't need these then you can use Template 2 which doesn't have the bottom boxes.

     Form Design Template 2

    This page is almost exact at the previous version.  The only difference is that the 4 large boxes do not have the designated space on the bottom.  There is only the space at the top for the Menu items.

    DB Design and Layout

    This template is used to list all the fields and description of each one.  I use this to keep track of each field so that I don't re-use one a couple of times.

    Design Changes

    Use this template to track all the changes a program goes through.


    Similar to the Design Changes template, you can track all the upgrade changes a program goes through.

    You can download all of the templates together here.