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    Q.  Would be possible to have a PC application to manage records (for Tome Vault)? At least a converter to other formats like CSV o TXT?


    A.  You can use PDB Exploerer (freeware) or wait a couple of weeks for the Desktop program.


    Q. Have you ever thought of creating a Girl Scout program like Cub Tracks?


    A. Yes I have thought about it.   NO it may never happen.  I know nothing about the Girl Scouts of America and I can find little about the requirements from the internet.   If I can find free, accurate and complete information about the Girl Scouts I will create the program.  But until then you will all have to hold your breath.


    Q. What are the differences between Cub Tracks and Cub Tracks Lite?


    A. The single and only difference between these 2 great programs is that the Lite version has no button pictures.  The picture files are small individually but they gather in size with amount.  I removed the pictures and simply used the default button settings to reduce the size of the program.  I use a Palm m100 and it only has 2 megs of user space.  With a program like Cub Tracks taking up almost 500k (half of a meg) it leave little room for my other programs and ebooks.  I realized that not everyone can afford a Palm T7-million with 6 gigs of ram and a 200 gig flash card.  (That was fun to think up.)


    Q. "Very useful, but I can't figure out how to make my passwords private."


    A.  OK so that isn't a question.  But I did get it in an email today.  I don't plan on creating the function to privatize passwords in this program.  As stated on the main page of my site under My Mission :"To provide PDA users with the great software that I create for myself."  Since I don't privatize my passwords I don't think I will be adding that feature soon.  There is another program out there that does this however: All Access and it is shareware (now anyway) which is why I stopped using it.  You can find it at Handango or Palmgear I suppose.


    Q.  Can the cub scout tracking program beam info to another pda that has the same tracking program?


    A.   It can now!  Well it can beam databases right now.   I will add the function of record beaming very soon.


    Q.  I downloaded your version 3.1 several days ago and it does not include the Tigers & Bobcat you say has been added, although from the following link http://www.freewarepalm.com/authors/aaron_vail.shtml it appears to show only 3.0.

    I have a couple of questions:

    1) How can I get the most recent version, and.

    2) How do you enter the number of Gold Arrow Points - the version 3.1 I have shows zero but it is not editable when I more the stylus to that record.


    A.  Freeware palm is not always up-to-date.

        1)  You can always get the most recent version right here. 

        2)  This error should be fixed in the latest version.


    Q.  I am having problems downloading this Palm App from your site: Cub
    Tracker. Could you e-mail it to me?


    A.  SURE!  send me an email and I usually send a copy to whoever needs it within 24 hours.


    Q.  My DM has been creating spell cards and I decided to search on the web and
    see if someone else had done so also. It looks like you have and might have
    some spell card info lying around which you might be willing to share.
    Please let me know if you have something, or any advice for making my own
    spell cards (I would prefer not to have to type all the spell info onto the
    cards myself - his idea is to put the spell info from the book on the card
    so there is no need to refer to the book for the spell if you have the card
    in front of you. :)


    A.  I have stopped work on the Spell Cards.  The reason is two-fold.

        1)  It's very labor demanding.

        2)  There is another company that beat me to it.

        3)  I don't play anymore.


    Q.  Thanks for developing and providing software for Cub Scout Adult leaders. I see you develop for your own Palm PDA, is your software compatible with Microsoft PocketPC also?


    A.  I do not create Pocket PC programs although I have the ability to.  Sorry.  I love my Palm Pilot.


    Q.  Have you created the same for the Aaronic Priesthood certificates?


    A.  I have not created this Access database yet.  One of many things on my "To Do" list. 


    Q.  I think you have a great Cub Scout palm application.  Does it accommodate Tiger Cub level also?


    A.  It does now!


    Q.  The Palm apps you have on your site are great! Thanks for sharing them too!
    I was wondering... what program(s) do you use for Palm software development?
    I'm from St. George, and majoring in Computer Information Technology at
    Dixie State College.
    I have taken several C++ classes. I would like to be able to design some of
    my own Palm software. Are there any other program languages I would need to


    A.  I would love to help you get going.

    I would first look into what Operating System your PDA uses. I am not at
    all familiar with the Visor but I will help you out the very best that I
    can. I hope I am helpful.

    I use PDAToolbox to write my programs. It creates programs for the Palm
    OS and the Pocket PC formats. I have never created a Pocket PC program
    so I don't think I would be much help there.

    I visit (daily to check for updates) the http://www.pdatoolbox.com web
    site. They have a Forum there with vast amounts of users that have a
    great deal of experience in PDA programming. Also check out
    http://www.pdatnutsandbolts.com/ which is an Advanced Support site with
    an even better User Support Forum. I would be nothing today without
    these 2 resources. Bookmark them! You won't regret it.

    After some initial research I DO believe that you can create programs for
    your Visor with PDAToolbox. The price is $25. Visit here for more specs
    : http://www.pdatoolbox.com .

    There are MANY 3rd party applications for the PDAToolbox as well. Visit
    http://www.sandsusa.com for some great additional programs that
    compliment PDAToolbox.

    If these sites and programs do not meet your criteria, you can try a
    couple of other programs. These are much more costly but they might do a
    better job for you.
    1) http://falch.net/ Very expensive but very good. I have not tried but
    have talked to some who have and have many good things to say about it.
    2) http://www.vfdide.com/index.htm Also good and cheaper than the option
    3) http://www.nsbasic.com/ Cheap and very powerful. Great if you already
    know VB. Very versatile.

    Also helpful is the Handheld Matrix :
    http://www.dgotech.com/morepalm/handheldmatrix.html . Get detailed info
    on your PDA.

    I hope that this email is helpful. Please fell free to email me for any
    more help or just to chat about stuff. I don't get much Palm email and I
    love to share my "findings". I have 56 bookmarks for internet site just
    for PDA stuff.