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    The Matrix: Reloaded

    Reviews by Alan & Aaron


    X2: X-Men United

    Review by Alan


    Star Trek: Nemesis

    Review by Aaron


    The Hulk

    Review by Aaron

    * Mild Spoilers




    Star Wars Fan Fiction Review

    The Dividing Factor by Niralle

    Reviews by Alan & Aaron


    Star Wars Fan Fiction Review

    Secret Unveiled

    Review by Alan


    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    Review by Aaron

    *If you have not read the book you may not want to read this review as I will cover 75% of the book in a synopsis of it.


    Shadow Moon

    Review by Aaron

    The Willow saga continues.




    Mt Dew: FireWire

    Review by Aaron


    The Introductions
    Hello everyone my name is Alan. I have been asked to review for Aaron’s review section and what can Isay, anything for a friend. A brief synopsis of what this is about. I happen to be a very opinionated person and I have a wide range of experiences. I am not a fanboy of anything except my son. Which makes me an ideal choice for a reviewer. Aaron has asked me to review everything under the sun. I will be reviewing movies, video games, books, other websites, and even fan fiction from www.theforce.net (or any place else I can get my hands on a good story). I think of all these things, all types of fan fiction are my favorite. Hopefully Aaron will post a link to my email and you aspiring writers can blow me up and I will give you an unbiased (and hopefully helpful) opinion. Now on to the show.

    Email Alan

    Although you all know who I am I do not think you have ever SEEN me.  So here I am.

    My good friend Alan and I talk everyday at work.  We talk about everything: Religion, movies, video games, comic books, politics, books, web sites, science, Star Wars etc.  Well, we got tired of reading all these forums and opinions of everyone else.  So I suggested we post our own opinions here on my web site.  You don't have to like, enjoy, read or get offended from anything you read here as it is all just our opinion on various subjects.  We hope that you will have fun here.  And perhaps find new things that you may have never found without coming here.  Enjoy!


    Disclaimer:  The views and opinions of either Alan or Aaron DO NOT reflect the overall feelings and thoughts of this site.  The views and opinions are solely those expressed by Alan or Aaron and are shared here as entertainment purposed only.


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