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    Secret Unveiled

    Star Wars Fan Fiction

    Critic: Alan

     First I would like to rename this book as Episode 2.5: Secret Unveiled. Second this was a very original and engrossing story. It gives a peek into the past life of Obi-Wan pre-Phantom Menace and also a much more in depth look at Anakin's relationships with both Padme` and Obi-Wan. It was well thought out, developed, and presented but what I like the most was the epilogue. This is a prime example of another great idea from a fan that will be passed upon by GL. If that kind of imagination, detail, and storytelling can be focused this person could be well on their way to great things. This is a definite read for any Star Wars fan that would like to see a great Episode 3 but is worried about how all the loose ends from two are going to tie up in three. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and look forward to another.